Race, class, motherhood, culture and inequality affect women’s lives across the globe.

With a minor in Women’s Studies, you will have the opportunity to complement your major by increasing your understanding about women across cultures.

You’ll take classes like Introduction to Women’s Studies and Community Service in Women’s Studies. Then, you’ll explore topics across disciplines such as marriage and family, women in American society, Irish women writers, gender communication, women in management, and more. 

Through your studies, you will learn to understand the influences on women and the different ways they interact in society. You will graduate with a multi-faceted understanding of women’s issues — so you can create a fairer world for both genders. 

For more information about the minor, please contact laurae [at] stedwards.edu (Laura Hernández-Ehrisman). The Women’s Studies minor is part of the Department of University Studies.

Outside the Classroom

Community Service

All students in the Women’s Studies minor will complete community service in Women’s Studies for course credit. For example, students may work in a local nonprofit to apply their learning to real-world problems women are facing.


  • Feminist Winter Term conference
  • Conversation in Women's Studies events showcasing the ongoing scholarly work on Women and Standpoint

Women Empowerment Student Organization

The purpose of Women Empowerment is to foster an environment that promotes empowerment, identity, strength, and unity to lift our voices and express our concerns on important social, sexual, cultural, political, and media-influenced issues.

The student organization hosts weekly roundtable discussions and seminars featuring guest speakers. They discuss issues relevant to women today, with the aim of improving the gender gap and improving the campus community and beyond. 

About the Minor