Are VA Educational Benefits Taxable?

How do I find out the status of my payments?
Contact the DVA at 888-GIBill-1 to inquire about the status of your benefits.

How much money will I receive?

-GI Bill Recipients-
Please consult the Department Of Veterans Affairs for benefit pay charts.

-Chapter 31 Recipients Subsistence Allowance-

For more specific information contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 888-GIBill-1 (888-442-4551).

When will I receive payment of benefits?
For specific information contact the Muskogee Regional Processing Office at 888-GIBill-1. Changes in enrollment status or address can delay payment.

Will I automatically receive benefits next semester?
Yes, as long as all your registered courses are on your degree plan, or you have written approval from your academic advisor to take an appropriate substitution.

Do I have to report all changes in my schedule (add/drop)?
No, the VA certifying official runs a daily report to determine who has added or dropped a class.  If you drop a class and do not plan on replacing it, you must let the VA office at SEU know. 

Are there financial consequences related to my VA benefit if I drop a course?
Possibly.  If your coursework has been certified for educational benefits and you alter your enrollment (including change/dropping a course or from a grade to pass/fail), we will review your schedule to verify that those courses are still eligible for educational benefits.  If our review results in a change in status for VA purposes, we will report that change (including its effective date) to your certification.  VA may determine they have overpaid your benefits for that semester and request repayment.  Repayment may include tuition, fees, book stipend, BAH, and yellow ribbon.

Prior to dropping a course, contact our office for detailed information about how how it may effect your benefit.

I received a Student Verification Form in the mail, what do I do with it?
Return the Student Verification Form (VA Form 22-8979) to the Muskogee Regional Processing Office in order to receive payment. There is a provision on the form to change or correct enrollment status if it is no longer valid. Students should also verify their correct address before signing and returning the form.

You can now do all this via the Automatic Verification Line at 877-823-2378.

What is the monthly training time rate?

POST 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)

The new GI Bill will go into effect August 1, 2009. Chapter 33 will not always be the most beneficial route for the veteran. Every veteran is encouraged to call 1 888 GI BILL 1 to speak with a VA counselor in weighing the costs and benefits of Chapter 30 vs. Chapter 33.

Should the veteran decide to participate in Chapter 33 they will need to apply via the VA form 1990 to receive a Certificate of Eligibility (CEO), which they may then scan and email, fax, or submit in person to St. Edward’s VA office.  Should you have further questions feel free to review the GI Bill website or’s summary of the benefits.

Self-Verification of Enrollment

Monthly Self-Verification of Enrollment must be filled out online via the WAVE system.


With a Premium Account, Veterans are able to Apply for Veterans' Benefits Online (VONAPP), access VA Payment History, apply for VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility, check on Compensation & Pension Claims Status, and more.


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