• Use a video style that captures the “real” St. Edward’s.
  • Make unscripted videos in which storytelling is the priority.
  • Aim for self-aware video production pulling from familiar landscapes.
  • When appropriate, capture behind-thescenes footage, breaking the fourth wall to engage viewers and make them part of the video experience.
  • Employ visual storytelling through b-roll to advance the narrative and communicate the story/message.
  • Keep video length under one minute.

Technical Specs

Final video format should be H.264.

  • 1280x720
  • 29.97
  • Progressive
  • Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
  • NTSC


  • AAC
  • 48000hz
  • Stereo
  • Quality: High
  • Bitrate: 320

Video GFX Package

Our video graphics package features brand colors and three weights of a specialty font, Marr Sans, that aligns with the St. Edward’s University brand. However, this font must be purchased before you can use it. If you prefer an option that does not require purchasing, Helvetica Lt Std is an acceptable alternative.

All text besides the call-to-action should be entirely capitalized. Specific sizes are not listed, but they should be proportionate to what is shown here.

Colors used:

  • St. Edward’s Blue, #002566, 90% opacity (feature color can be switched out, as long as it is within our brand palette)
  • 100% white