Writing Center Information and Help for Faculty

The Writing Center supports faculty in developing writers across the curriculum. It also supports your own writing.

Recommending Writing Center services to students

Please encourage students to use the Writing Center's services. Many students initiate work with the Writing Center on their own, but your recommendation may convince reluctant students to seek our help. When referring students to us, please help them prepare specific goals for the session.

When your students use the Writing Center, our consultants will send you a note about the session (or a copy of the written feedback). 

St. Edward's faculty have incorporated the Writing Center into their courses in various ways, such as:

  • adding the Writing Center's Canvas page to their Canvas courses (find it by searching Canvas Commons for "St. Edward's University Writing Center");
  • including information about the Writing Center on syllabi (here is a blurb you can copy, paste, and edit);
  • suggesting a visit to the Center by some or all of their students during particular moments in writing or revising course papers; and
  • inviting a Writing Center consultant to visit a class, either to briefly discuss our services or to present a mini-lesson on a topic such as source use, sentence craft, or argumentation.

To learn more about how the Writing Center can support your students, make an appointment with us or email writingcenter [at] stedwards.edu. Email us (as far in advance as possible) to arrange a class visit.

Help with creating assignments and responding to writing

Effective writing assignments increase the chance of meaningful intellectual growth for students. What seems clear to teachers in their assignments may not be clear to students. If your students seem not to “get it,” if they seem not to write or think deeply, or if grading their papers is more painful than fulfilling, we can help. The following are some excellent resources for teaching writing:

You may also make an appointment with us or drewml [at] stedwards.edu (email Prof. Loewe )for help with an assignment, a rubric, a workshop, or strategies for responding to student writing.

Help with your own writing

The Writing Center can help you with your own writing, grant applications, promotion materials, etc. You may make an appointment, submit a draft for written feedback, or ask a question. (Please note that while we are happy to discuss and make recommendations with regard to any aspect of writing or the writing and publishing processes, including editing strategies and citation help, direct editing is outside the scope of Writing Center work.)