Wanted: Change Makers

Wanted: Change Makers

Transform How You See Your World


Munday Scholarships Transform Lives

Bill and Pat Mundays’ generous gift of $20 million to St. Edward’s for scholarships will make a difference in the lives of up to 150 students per year with financial need.

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While admission to St. Edward's is competitive, our approach to choosing great students involves far more than your GPA and test scores.

We look for the intellectual curiosity, strength of character, love of learning and passion for service that are shared by students and faculty across our campus. We ask if your desire to succeed fits an academically challenging environment designed to broaden your worldview. Are you eager to discover your purpose, foster collaboration and cultivate your ability to lead? Do you dream of making a difference?

We look at the kinds of contributions you've made in your world, and those you could make to the university community and the world beyond. And we consider whether you want to experience lasting, meaningful change — for yourself and others.

U.S. Students

St. Edward's University believes that an academically challenging, diverse learning community offers the greatest opportunity for lifelong self-discovery. Our Holy Cross roots and Austin surroundings encourage a global perspective on learning and life.

International Students

St. Edward's University proudly reflects a multicultural community. With students from 44 countries, partner universities in 11 countries, study abroad opportunities around the world, and a growing community of global explorers and projects, we stand out among liberal arts, Catholic universities.

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