From This Common Ground

From the steps of Main Building, the city of Austin unfolds before you. The wind on the hilltop rustles the leaves of Sorin Oak. St. Joseph Hall, longtime home of the Holy Cross Brothers, stands just to the west.

That view is etched in the memories of alumni. Looking out on the horizon, maybe they enjoyed a lively discussion with classmates or a talk with their favorite professor. Perhaps they snapped pictures of spring's first bluebonnets or one of winter's rare snowfalls. Or watched a dazzling fireworks display during Homecoming. Today, as then, Main Building's red doors stand as a reminder of the pivotal and powerful education that first brought them to the hilltop.

This common ground — not only the enduring historic landmarks like Main Building or Holy Cross Hall, but also the experiences they shared within them — unite our alumni. The view — and the vision — still calls them back. And, no matter how many years pass, there’s a lifelong connection to the hilltop.

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