Are you returning to St. Edward’s?

If you are a former St. Edward’s University student who has not been enrolled in classes at St. Edward’s for a full fall or spring semester, you must reapply for admission. You can complete our application in less than 5 minutes. If you have attended any other institution(s) of higher learning during your absence, all official transcripts of coursework must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, along with your completed application. 

Are you seeking to take courses as a temporary student?

If you are enrolled in another four-year university, you may take courses at St. Edward’s for one semester, provided you are in good standing at the college where you are regularly enrolled. As a temporary student, you do not need to send college transcripts, but you are required to include an official letter of good standing from your university along with your application.

Do you wish to enroll as a postbaccalaureate or non-degree-seeking student?


You should apply as a postbaccalaureate student if you have a bachelor’s degree, wish to apply for further study at the undergraduate level and want the privileges of a degree-seeking student. You must send official college transcripts from each undergraduate college attended.


If you already have college credit and wish to pursue an educational objective other than a degree, you should apply as non-degree-seeking. You must send official college transcripts from each undergraduate college attended.

Enrollment Requirements for Returning Students

If you're reapplying to St. Edward’s or you’d like to enroll in classes without earning a degree, you must fulfill requirements that are separate from those of traditional undergraduate students. The following admission requirements will help you determine your category.

What do I need to send in order to apply?

An application is reviewed after all items listed below have been received. You do not have to collect all materials before sending them. We cannot return or copy application materials for you, so please keep a copy for your records. Please send us the following:

  • Completed application form. Be sure to use the St. Edward's online or printed application. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete!
  • $50 application fee, which can be paid with a credit card, check or cashier’s check. NOTE: Applicants seeking readmission are not required to pay the $50 fee.
  • Official college transcript from every post-secondary institution attended, even if you did not earn credit or receive a course grade, or if the course is nontransferable. Coursework from one college posted on the transcript of another will not satisfy this requirement. If you have been awarded a master’s degree or higher, you may submit only the transcript from the institution awarding the graduate degree. Official transcripts must arrive at St. Edward’s in an envelope sealed by the educational institution. Temporary students may send a letter of good standing instead of transcripts.
  • Copy of your permanent resident card, if you are not a citizen but are a permanent resident of the United States.
  • Major of study, and the school in which it is found. If you are undecided, indicate the school that most accurately reflects your strengths and interests, and then write “Academic Exploration Program” in the space marked “Intended major or certification.” If you are pursuing teacher certification, you should indicate the appropriate certification program and the desired major listed under the certification.

Degree candidates who sit out for more than 36 months are bound by the Undergraduate Bulletin in effect when they re-enter. If you are re-applying for admission and you were formally dismissed from St. Edward's, you will first need to contact the appropriate dean to confirm your eligibility.

  • Contact the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at 512-448-8581 to request reinstatement if you were dismissed for academic reasons.
  • Contact the Dean of Students at 512-448-8408 to request reinstatement if you were dismissed for disciplinary reason