Keynote Speaker at International Conference

Constance Porter was a keynote speaker at the 2012 International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Innovations in Malolos City, Bulacan.

Case Studies Published in International Journal

In 2013, Constance Porter’s paper titled “Making Sense of Social Value Creation: Three Organizational Case Studies” was published in Emergence: Complexity & Organization — a global transdisciplinary journal that examines complex social systems.

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Faculty Bio

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Constance Porter, PhD
Program Director, Master of Arts in Organization Development; Associate Professor of Organization Development

Phone: 512-416-5827

  • PhD in Education at University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1999
  • MEd in Adult Education Human Resource Development and Leadership Program at University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1992
  • BS in Psychology at Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, 1977
Why I Teach

As the saying goes: “None of us are as smart as all of us.” In this spirit, I design my courses so my students directly engage and learn with me. For example, in one class I use a learning contract so students outline and commit to their learning objectives, activities and even their final grade.

I know that this kind of educational dialogue generates positive change in my life and allows me to make a difference. As a lifelong learner, I hope to be a curious, open teacher and learn from my students for many years to come.

  • Dr. Porter’s research focuses on leading change, ethics, social entrepreneurship and complexity theory as it applies metaphorically to organizations
  • She has published a variety of articles on management and social science topics including executive competencies, applied social value, and shared values
  • Her current research agenda covers emergence in organizations, organizational change and agent effectiveness.
  • Recent research articles include:  ‘Complexity Science: The Problem with Problems in Organizations,’ ‘Supervisory Dilemmas for a Health Care Manager,’  ‘Observing and Learning from Social Entrepreneurship: Creation of Social Value through Meaningful Actions,’ ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Central Texas Center,’ ‘The changing role of the 21st century manager’
Workplace Focus
  • Since 1982, Dr. Porter has worked with a wide variety of organizations, including educational institutions, governmental agencies, family businesses and Fortune 50 companies
  • Dr. Porter authored a column in NSIDE Magazine, a business-to-business publication for the Austin business community.  She wrote on topics such as ‘Change Leadership,’ ‘Virtual Leadership,’ and ‘Austin & Ethics.’
  • Recent consulting and executive training programs include projects at Dell Computers, FoxConn, Benefits Design, Marconi Communications, Austin Independent School District, Texas State University, Vermeer Manufacturing, Toyko Electron, and Applied Materials.
  • More than 25 years of internal and external OD consulting experience creating synergistic solutions to human problems that impact business
  • Provided value-added support in the development of business model strategy, framework, process mapping and roadmaps to deliver exceptional support to internal and external stakeholders
  • Designed, led and evaluated small, medium and large-scale change initiatives
  • Created successful base level establishment, process improvement, evaluation and recognition processes

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