Students Accepted to The Washington Center Internship Program

Global Studies majors Frank Duran ’14 and Amanda West ’15, and Graphic Design major Mallory Ashwander ’14 were accepted to The Washington Center Internship Program.

Global Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies at St. Edward’s prepares students for a range of fascinating careers in international affairs. Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major that crosses the fields of geography, world history and international politics. You’ll debate key issues facing nations today, and examine how our globally interdependent world has developed, how different societies and political systems deal with domestic and world issues, and how countries interact in the global arena.

As a global studies major, you’ll acquire an expertise in the politics, geography and history of a specific region — from such areas as Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. You’ll develop proficiency in a foreign language related to your area of interest and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as study abroad, an internationally focused internship and an annual Model Organization of American States competition.

Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies


As a BA in Global Studies major, you’ll compare political systems and cultures around the world and evaluate how people are influenced by their physical, cultural and political environments. You’ll analyze how major civilizations respond to the positive and negative effects of modernity and global engagement.  And you’ll examine the role of diplomacy in international relations, the causes of war and the means to promote peace, and the intricacies of today’s international political economy.

A global studies degree opens the future to many international career paths. Our graduates have earned jobs as Foreign Service officers with the U.S. State Department, pursued advanced studies in international law, and worked for nonprofits that assist immigrant victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. With a BA in Global Studies, graduates can pursue careers with the U.S. government, work within intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, and hold management and staff positions with multinational corporations. Our graduates have also received prestigious Fulbright Fellowships to further their international education.

Many graduates use a BA in Global Studies as a stepping stone to graduate programs in International Affairs, Public Policy, Area Studies or International Law. With an advanced degree, students may pursue a university teaching career. Close interaction with faculty at St. Edward’s — and time spent in classes, advising sessions, study abroad and/or an internship — allows you to learn more about career options and the choice of doing graduate work.

Course Preview:

In addition to the general education courses required of all majors, and elective courses, BA in Global Studies majors take courses from these groups:

Students who major in global studies complete core courses, which include Global Issues, World Geography, History of the Modern World, Comparative Politics, International Relations, International Political Economy and the Senior Seminar.

BA in Global Studies majors take courses that focus on an area of the world that interests them most, which include courses in history, political science and economics, focusing on such regions as Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Global studies majors are required to participate in a summer- or semester-long study abroad program or internship. Study abroad locations include the St. Edward’s University campus in Angers, France, as well as faculty-led programs in Sevilla, Spain, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Internationally focused internship placements for global studies majors have included:

  • American Gateways asylum project
  • Texas Global strategic planning and lobbying
  • U.S. Department of Commerce: Austin–U.S. Export Assistance Center

As a BA in Global Studies major, you’ll demonstrate intermediate proficiency in a foreign language related to your area of interest.  Students are encouraged to take language classes as part of their study abroad experience.

Students will choose one of two thematic tracks: International Business and Economics or International Conflict, Cooperation and Security.

Global studies majors conclude their academic coursework with a Senior Seminar. The Senior Seminar reviews current debates within the field of global studies and includes an academic research project on a regional or international theme.

View the Degree Plan (PDF) for sample course information for the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies.


In addition to the required internship/study abroad, global studies majors may choose to pursue opportunities in other regions or countries. These activities are outstanding additions to your international résumé and can give you a distinct advantage for graduate school or for your career.

Our students have gained on-the-job training through internationally focused internships with organizations such as these:

  • Catholic Charities
  • STRATFOR Global Intelligence
  • Saheli Asian Women Services


At St. Edward’s, you’ll participate in professional-level research typically reserved for graduate students at larger universities. Engaging in academic research will sharpen your international credentials, build your confidence and skills, and prepare you for graduate studies.

Global studies majors collaborate with faculty and present original research at the annual Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) at St. Edward’s.  

Students in the Global Studies program also present their research at the annual World History Association of Texas Conference held on campus, as well as regional conferences. And they research and discuss international public policy initiatives in the Model Organization of America States Competition.

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