Life On The Hilltop

Your college transcript may be a record of where and what you study over four years. But it doesn't begin to tell the complete story of all you learn and experience as a student in our international campus community.

At St. Edward's, you’ll find it easy to move between living, learning and making a difference, with each experience opening doors to new friendships, new interests and discovering what you stand for.

Live well. Be yourself. Go far.
Live Well
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Perched on a hilltop overlooking Austin, our campus is a community within a community. On a clear day — and we have mostly sunny days — you will meet an incredibly diverse, kind, generous and approachable group of students. It's their wholehearted love of learning, and their respect for each other, that makes life here so livable.
Live well.

Students outside on campus
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Four years gives you plenty of time to go deeper with interests you bring to campus — maybe photography or theater — and to explore new sides of yourself. We offer formal leadership training, more than 125 student organizations and our open invitation to a larger life. Say "yes" and you'll go a long way toward making connections and inspiring and shaping your future.
Be yourself.

Austin skyline at night
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Austin has it all: Style. Smarts. History. Three hundred days of sun. Entrepreneurs. Buzz. South by Southwest (SXSW) — the conferences and festivals of “cool.” Its own live music soundtrack. Still, Austin always makes room for what's next. And what's next could well be you.
Go far.