The Bachelor of Arts in French at St. Edward’s immerses you in the world of French language and culture and prepares you for many careers in French-speaking countries and international organizations. You’ll gain fluency in the French language, to enhance any global-minded business career or to work in French translation or language instruction.

As a BA in French major, you can take any level of language class, no prerequisites required. And you have the flexibility to specialize, if you wish, in French literature, cultural studies, or language and linguistics.

Bachelor of Arts in French


The BA in French major combines language learning with an exploration of French history, literature and daily life in French-speaking countries. You’ll examine the enormous influence that France holds in political spheres and France’s indelible mark on Western philosophy, art and politics — and even American independence.  

With a BA in French, you can work as a foreign interpreter, teacher or translator — or pursue careers with nonprofits and international service agencies that value bilingual skills. Graduates can also work as foreign service officers or do business with confidence in many places around the globe. French is the official language of 30 countries worldwide, from Africa to the Caribbean. It’s a working language of the United Nations and is also widely spoken in Canada, the United States’ largest trading partner.

French is an excellent secondary skill set for careers in fashion, architecture, literature and the culinary arts. A degree in French is highly useful in pharmaceuticals, particle physics and other fields where French companies lead the industry. Close interaction with faculty at St. Edward’s — and time spent in classes, advising sessions and internship opportunities — allows you to learn more about options for careers and graduate work.

Course Preview:

In addition to the general education courses required of all majors, and elective courses, BA in French majors take courses from these groups:

Students complete six hours of French language instruction, followed by intermediate courses, including French III, French IV, Advanced Composition and Conversation, and Survey of French History. More advanced students can fulfill their course requirements entirely from the topics courses (see below) after demonstrating language proficiency and receiving the instructor’s permission.  

BA in French majors with proven language proficiency can choose to specialize in one of three areas of study: French literature, cultural studies, or language and linguistics. These topics courses are available to students who demonstrate proficiency in French with a placement test, transfer credit or interview with the course instructor.

Courses for specialization include:

  • Topics in Francophone Literature and Film:  Survey of French Literature, Survey of Francophone Literature, French Cinema.
  • Topics in Francophone Cultural Studies:  French in North America: Cultures of Louisiana and Canada, Paris: Capital of Modernity, Cultural Diversity and the Media in France, The Semiotics of French Food, Introduction to Contemporary French Culture.
  • Topics in French Language and Linguistics:  Advanced Composition and Conversation II, Practical Phonetics, French Applied Linguistics, French Translation.

View the Degree Plan (PDF) for sample course information for the Bachelor of Arts in French.


As a BA in French major, you can sharpen your French skills, explore your career interests and realize your dreams of international travel by participating in an internship abroad. Our students have worked in French schools, an English Language Library and the City Hall Department of International Relations in Angers, France. An internship experience is an excellent addition to your global résumé and can give you a distinct advantage for graduate school or bilingual careers.

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