Interactive Games Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Games Studies at St. Edward’s prepares you to turn your passion for video games into a fulfilling career.

This program arms you with the skills to create your own video games or join a team of game developers in a wide range of specialized roles. Unleash your creative talents on developing audio effects, art and animation, and written materials such as in-game dialogue and design documents. Learn to build and program the games you design. Round out your education with savvy business and marketing courses tailored to the digital media and game industry.

What’s more, you’ll earn your degree in a hub of the video industry — Austin, Texas — where some of the most prominent studios and developers are located, such as SONY Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, BioWare®, Disney® Interactive Studios, NCSoft®, Aspyr Media® and Zynga®.

Interactive Games Studies


As a BA in Interactive Games Studies major, you’ll divide your learning between technical game development and conceptual creativity, resulting in a broad understanding of the artistic, written, design and programming aspects of game production. You’ll create playable portfolio games in our Game Design Studio, using industry-standard game-creation tools and software. As a result, you’ll have a solid, diverse skill set and the portfolio to prove it to potential employers.

With a BA in Interactive Games Studies, you’ll be prepared to work with game developers as well as publishers. You could pursue a variety of roles, including a QA analyst for Zynga® or Aspyr®, a writer for Austin-based BioWare®, or an associate animator for Disney® Interactive, or even start your own studio.

To increase employment opportunities, many graduates pursue advanced degrees in related creative fields. Close interaction with faculty at St. Edward’s — and time spent in classes and local game industry events such as South by Southwest® Interactive Conference (SXSW®), Fantastic Fest, Fantastic Arcade and the Austin-based Game Developer’s Conference Online — allows you to learn more about options for careers and graduate work.

Course Preview:

In addition to the general education courses required of all majors, and elective courses, a BA in Interactive Games Studies major takes courses from these groups:

Students who major in interactive games studies complete core courses, which could include Interactive Storytelling, The Business of Gaming, Game Design Studio courses, Computer Animation, Digital Music and Audio, and Object Oriented Design.

View the Degree Plan (PDF) for sample course information for the Interactive Games Studies.


In addition to an internship that may be required for your degree, St. Edward’s University offers numerous opportunities for optional internships, professional-level research and hands-on creative experiences (writing, art, music, theater and more). These activities enhance your résumé, build your confidence and skills — and give you a distinct advantage in your career and for graduate school.

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