Human Resources Mission Statement

What we do: HR advances the SEU mission by providing guidance, tools, and resources that enhance employee experience and success.

How we do it: Our team strives to recruit and train a highly skilled and engaged workforce; ensure fair and consistent administration of policies; provide a safe and confidential place for discussing workplace concerns; and to develop creative solutions to workplace challenges.

Why we do it: We recognize that our employees play vital roles in the success of St. Edward's University, and seek to support them as they work to ensure that every student explores transformational pathways to knowledge, experience, understanding and achievement.

Integration of Mission

St. Edward’s was founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, from which it acquired distinguishing characteristics that include the courage to take risks, an international perspective and the commitment to provide educational opportunities for students of varied cultural, religious, educational and economic backgrounds. In support of the mission, the different backgrounds of St. Edward’s students, faculty and staff enrich our community and represent a significant part of our culture and commitment to excellence. We value the individual differences, life experiences, unique capabilities and innovative talent that our employees and students contribute to our vibrant academic environment. St. Edward’s honors and respects all members of its community by fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment that respects the dignity and worth of each person and stresses the obligation of all people to pursue a more just world. 

Careers at St. Edward's

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Employee Resources

    Behavioral Intervention Team 

    The St. Edward’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) cares for students, faculty, and staff who may be in distress. Keep our community healthy and safe — learn how to report a concern, identify the behaviors of someone in distress, and become familiar with available resources. 

    Bias Incident Response Team 

    The St. Edward’s Bias Incident Response Team serves our community by creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive educational environment. Learn how to identify an incident of bias, when or how to make a report, and see who our BIRT members are.    


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