Asking why is only the beginning.

At St. Edward’s University, a top liberal arts college, you’ll learn to think about the world in new ways. You’ll have to work hard, but you’ll get more out of your education. And that’s the point.

A liberal arts education means gaining a well-rounded background and set of skills that you can apply no matter where your career takes you (no matter if that’s a straight path or a winding road). Yes, you’ll specialize in a field, but you’ll study other fields as well. Scientists learn to write well, artists master the scientific method, and everyone graduates ready to tackle the most complicated problems — whether you want to save the world or get ahead in your dream career (or both).

Your education will change you — unpredictably and (we think) wonderfully, too.

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An undergraduate student takes notes in class of peers


Students learn in small classes, examine issues from all angles, form close relationships with faculty mentors and are prepared to excel wherever life takes them.


Graduate students work in small groups around their busy schedules


Our flexible graduate programs, built around your busy schedule, will help you get ahead professionally and grow personally.


Adult students work to complete their degrees

Adult Learners

Our part-time, adult-tailored bachelor’s programs help you balance work, college studies and family.