Whatever you want to be, be it fully.

At St. Ed's, your college experience will be personalized just for you. Purposefully. Meaningfully.

From your first day on campus, you’ll be paired with a success coach, who will help customize your St. Edward’s experience to allow you to reach your goals. Success coaches are experts at pinpointing the exact experiences that amplify your talents — and set you up for a career that counts. 

Not sure what you want to do? That’s OK, and it’s why we’re here. 

Everything you do at St. Edward’s — classes, internships, research, service projects, study abroad — will help you discover what you love and how to turn that into a career. Your success coach and professors will help you decide on next steps and the best opportunities for you. 

You’ll be living in a community that’s here to help you thrive. You’ll go to school in a city that offers world-class opportunities. With a 15:1 student-faculty ratio, you’ll never be a face in the crowd. Professors want to be in the classroom, and they’re ready to get to know you.


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Full-time success coaches for first-year students


Majors and minors

Purposeful Internships

student leslie rios

Leslie Rios ’20Political Science major
Rios arrived at St. Edward’s interested in politics and pursued a range of classes to find the ones that inspired her, including Comparative Politics, The American Court System and Political Theory. She didn’t want to miss a thing, so she immediately joined an array of student organizations, including student government and the Latino Student Leaders Organization. She worked on a major research project on border policy with one of her professors. Rios interned for the Office of the Attorney General and the Texas House of Representatives. As part of a recent Service Break Experience to Peru, she ditched technology and spent time reflecting on her years at St. Edward’s and where she wants to go next.


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Hours students contributed
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Meaningful Connections

joseph ramirez

Joseph Ramirez ’19Biology major
Ramirez came to St. Edward’s intending to go to med school — but quickly realized he wanted to pursue something with business. Through the School of Natural Sciences, Ramirez started working at Capital Factory, an Austin-based accelerator for tech startups. He also completed biomedical research with one of his professors. He says he learned that the approach of asking Why are we doing it this way? Why are we using this material? applies just as much to data analytics as it does to science. In addition, Ramirez  interned for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and Cortez.




Goal for all students to participate in experiential learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Eduardo "Lalo" Carrillo ’22, Biology major
Carrillo joined St. Edward's as a biology major where he spent time researching neuroscience. To learn more about the sciences, Lalo joined a neuroscience research team where he learned about model organism C. elegans and procedures like western blotting and fluorescent microscopy. He also participated in the group Ciencias sin Fronteras allowing him to build a community of Hispanic science majors while teaching others about prominent Hispanic scientists. 

Learn more about Carrillo's St. Ed's experience in our featured episode of The College Tour, featured on Amazon Prime.

Lessons from a Hilltop Hive

See how a Biology professor and students tracked the health of bees in colonies on campus.

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