Undergraduate studies at St. Edward’s

It's one thing to gain knowledge. It’s another to learn in ways that broaden your global perspective and summon your full potential. An education from St. Edward’s University immerses you in the arts, sciences and humanities, teaching you to problem solve independently and with teams, communicate effectively and appreciate other cultures. You’ll graduate confident, well-rounded and capable — ready to engage in a world rich in opportunity and complexity.

St. Edward’s University undergraduates choose from more than 50 areas of study, including five pre-professional programs, across five schools.

Undergraduate Overview

Four years that will change the rest of your life.

Character, poise, confidence and purpose — these are just a few of the benefits you earn from engaging a wider world beyond the classroom.


Learning Lasts a Lifetime

Success in your chosen major and career builds from the bedrock of common courses that we call "general education."

This four-year exploration equips you to synthesize and communicate, not simply absorb information. We can think of no more useful skill or durable career advantage.

You will master critical and creative thinking, moral reasoning, communication and problem solving. You will grasp the world as a far more coherent and understandable whole. And you will step into larger roles and assume more social responsibility.

Students at St. Edward’s venture across the globe to learn, work and widen their circles of influence — and perfect the languages they study at St. Edward’s (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish). From Buenos Aires, Argentina, to our location in Angers, France, to one of Europe’s financial hubs, Edinburgh, Scotland, to our new program in Beppu, Japan, our global opportunities can challenge assumptions and change more than your mind.

Amid these opportunities is our Global Understanding certification program, which further prepares students for life and work in an interconnected world. Tailored to any degree, this certification combines global-themed courses, foreign language proficiency and study abroad — opening doors to international connections and careers.

A leader among Catholic universities, our Holy Cross tradition holds that we do this not simply to make you smarter. We expose you to diverse points of view and train you to work well with others. And we propose a higher good, believing that sound thinking and mutual respect lead to right action.

St. Edward's By The Numbers
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Incoming freshmen that rank in the top quarter of their class

A Four-Year Discovery

From your first Freshmen Studies course through a senior Capstone project, the St. Edward’s experience teaches you to evaluate argument and evidence and actively engage with learning.

Freshman Year:

You benefit from team-taught, multi-disciplinary lectures on different topics (Introduction to the Liberal Arts) and an introduction to writing, an essential tool for success in these next four years and beyond. These lectures are connected to an annual university-wide exploration of a common theme and its various facets. In the spring you examine the complexity of the American experience in a course devoted to American history and diversity.

If you're undecided about your major or career goals, the Academic Exploration Program helps you sort through our academic programs and choose a major that ignites your passion, builds on your talents and positions you to make an impact.

Sophomore/Junior Years:

You will take a multi-course Cultural Foundations sequence that examines the world and the human experience, from both the American and the global perspective. Courses such as Literature and the Human Experience, American Dilemmas, and Contemporary World Issues incorporate values, ethics, history, art and literature, globalization, and writing.

Senior Year:

Your senior Capstone course asks you to apply insights acquired through your major to address an issue important to you. Along with presenting your findings orally and in a major paper, you will take on a challenge that holds personal meaning for you via a rigorous analysis that brings your full student experience and learning to bear. Past Capstone projects have included such things as assisting a local company in problem solving, launching a social justice project and producing a short video.