Windows on the world

St. Edward's University offers both the "student first" rewards of a liberal arts college and wider opportunities typically found at a larger university. This dynamic approach immerses you in knowledge inspired by diverse subjects and viewpoints.
The university's five Centers of Excellence allow you to engage with a world full of challenges and conflicts and to pursue interests far beyond campus.

Each of the Centers of Excellence concentrates on a specific mission, inviting top thinkers, writers and policy makers from across the globe to speak and debate on campus. These thought leaders contribute to rich, intellectual classroom experiences and cultivate study abroad, consulting and other experiential learning opportunities.

Centers of Excellence

Kozmetsky Center of Excellence

Hosts discussions on campus with national and international experts who address critical global finance issues and interdisciplinary scholarly activities.

Center for Ethics and Leadership

Explores issues of moral reasoning and leadership through faculty support, speakers and events such as the Passion & Civility Student Debate Tournament.

Center for Religion and Culture

Provides a forum for faculty, staff, and students to study how religion informs one's global understanding along cultural, intellectual, artistic, and political lines.

Center for Teaching Excellence

Promotes engaged and effective teaching that cultivates academic rigor, an international perspective and personalized learning experiences.

Wild Basin Creative Research Center

A natural preserve and research center, Wild Basin serves as an invaluable resource for students, faculty and Austin community members alike.