St. Edward’s University has a clear responsibility in the area of student conduct to protect and promote in the pursuit of its mission.

Any student, faculty, staff or community member may file a report about a student with the Dean of Students Office. In all instances of general conduct, the students are provided fair process, as well as the right to freedom from discrimination and harassment. The Code of Student Conduct is helpful in understanding your rights and the university’s community expectations. The Dean of Students Office and hearing officers have the responsibility and authority to determine the appropriateness of a student conduct referral, hear cases involving alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct, determine a student's responsibility to a charge, and impose sanctions.

If you have a concern and want to report it and/or request follow up, please complete the Student of Concern/Conduct Form. By completing this form, you are initiating a response process. A staff member will look into the matter and may follow up with you. 

If help is needed immediately, please call the University Police Department at 512-448-8444.

Code of Student Conduct

Students enrolling in the university assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the University’s mission and function as an educational institution. The Code of Student Conduct is in the Student Handbook and consists of 3 sections which outline these expectations as well as the provisions and processes that apply.

  • General Provisions
  • Expectations for Student Conduct
  • Conduct Procedures

For more information, please refer to University Policies.