Lance Kyle Bennett is an Adjunct Professor of Communication at St. Edward's University. His research focuses on faculty development and organizational civility in higher education. Professor Bennett has experience working with executive leadership on issues regarding faculty development, graduate education, and shared governance. He is actively involved national and international conferences, including the National Communication Association, the International Association for Relationship Research, and the American Association for Public Opinion Research. 





Academic Appointments

Adjunct Professor, St. Edward's University, 2019-Present

Year Started


Ed.D., Leadership in Higher Education, St. Edward's University, Ant. 2023

MA, Communication Studies, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 2016

BA, Communication Studies, Eastern University, 2014

AA, Communication Arts, Delware County Community College, 2012

Achievement & Involvement

Honors and Awards

John Waite Bowers Award for Outstanding Graduate Scholarship in Interpersonal Communication, Department of Communication Studies, University of Iowa, 2019

Student-Faculty Diversity Pipeline Award, American Associated for Public Opinion Research, 2019

Graduate Fellow, Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa, 2019

African American Cultural Research Award, African American Studies Program, University of Iowa, 2019

Organizations, Boards and Memberships

National Communication Association

International Association for Relationship Research

American Association for Public Opinion Research

Publications & Articles


Bennett, L. K., Scruggs, X., & Woods, J. M. (2020). Surprise, hurt, and anger as emotional responses toexpectancy violations following feedback events. Communication Research Reports. doi:10.1080/08824096.2020.1737000.

Bennett, L. K., & Tikkanen, S. A. (2019). Teaching expectancy violations theory and self-disclosure through social media profile building. Communication Teacher. doi:10.10800/17404622.2019.1662070.

Gilchrist-Petty, E., & Bennett, L. K. (2019). Cross-sex best friendships and the experience and expression of jealousy within romantic relationships. Journal of Relationships Research, 10, 1-9. doi:10.1017/jrr.2019.16

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School of Arts and Humanities