Dr. Peterson is Associate Vice President for Faculty Development & Academic Programs and Associate Professor of Communication. Her teaching highlights include study abroad in France & Japan. As an administrator, she is committed to supporting the many talented faculty members at St. Edward's.

Lori West Peterson has been a full-time faculty member for over twenty years. She came to St. Edward's University in 2001 as an assistant professor of communication and currently serves in the role of associate vice president for faculty development and academic programs. Her office is responsible for overseeing and coordinating faculty development in teaching, scholarship and creative expression, advising, pedagogical innovation and faculty participation in the global initiative as well as the academic program review process. Dr. Peterson has extensive experience teaching abroad, in Japan at Asia Pacific University as well as at UCO in Angers, France. She is a self-professed Francophile.

Year Started


Languages Spoken

English - Native Fluency;   French - Intermediate


  • Ph.D. in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication at University of South Florida, Tampa, 1995
  • M.A. in Communication at University of South Florida, Tampa, 1991
  • B.S.W. in Social Work at University of South Florida, Tampa, 1987

External Grants

Active Grants

Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NETVUE), Vocation Renewal Grant, $25,000.00

Publications & Articles


Refer to c.v. for an exhaustive list:

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Peterson, L.W.  (2006).  From agnostic to evangelical: How an unlikely conversion birthed a unique convergence.  In R. Ashton and D. Denton (Eds.), Spirituality, Ethnography, and Teaching: Stories from Within, Peter Lang Publishers, 92-104.


Peterson, L.W. & Vlasman, L.  (2004).  The transformative power of communication in the lives of disabled persons:  How the `Go Project’ engages students, engages community, and engages education.  The Texas Speech Communication Journal, 29 (2).    1-10.


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Peterson, L.W. & Albrecht, T.L.  (1996).  Message design logic, social support, and mixed-status relationships.  Western Journal of Communication, 60 (4), 291-301



Refer to c.v. for an exhaustive list:

Peterson, L.W. (2017, November).  “Again…there were two”.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association (Ethnography Division). Dallas, TX.


Peterson, L.W. Jasinski, L., and Young, S. (2017, March) “Fostering and sustaining vocational exploration among faculty and staff” Presentation at 2017 NetVUE Conference “Renewing the Theological Exploration of Vocation,” Charlotte, NC.


Peterson, L.W.  (2016, November), “And then there were two”.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association (Ethnography Division), Philadelphia, PA.


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For Students

Class Preparation

My classes tend to be highly engaging and interactive.  I facilitate learning of course material through a combination of storytelling, interactive lectures/discussion, and group work.

Why I Teach

I teach communication because I believe the ability to communicate is what makes us human - therefore, the deep, intentional study of the process of communication enriches our understanding of humanity, culture, society, our relationships, and inevitably, ourselves.