In keeping with our Catholic and Holy Cross legacy, faith expresses itself freely at St. Edward’s University — an environment in which one’s chosen beliefs can be deepened and expressed.

St. Edward’s, a leading Catholic college, serves students from all faiths and walks of life, with an environment and opportunities for continued faith development, through dialogue, programs and service opportunities.

Whether praying at the Grotto, or joining with the Muslim Student Association at the close of Ramadan; observing Friday evening Shabbat or daily Catholic liturgy — the emphasis here is on gaining understanding and emerging stronger in your faith.

As one family that practices both the Muslim and Catholic faiths remarked: "This is the first college we’ve visited where we truly felt not just safe, but welcomed and good about being ourselves."

You will balance reflection and prayer with action to deepen your understanding of yourself and strengthen your resolve to create change. St. Edward’s believes that a maturing faith should be led by one’s own tradition and openness to questions, enriched by both inward reflection and outward service.

Through service to others, our students explore issues of social justice and their role in the local and global community. They volunteer with food banks and shelters for the unhoused, tutor children in after-school programs and work hand-in-hand with urban and rural communities during immersion experiences in the United States.

As they share these experiences with others, and merge them with their personal beliefs, they are transformed.

Service and Social Justice Opportunities

In keeping with our Holy Cross, Catholic identity, we educate both the heart and mind. Read about the many service and social justice opportunities at St. Edward's.

Holy Cross Legacy

Learn how the Holy Cross and Catholic heritage at St. Edward’s remain a vibrant, living tradition that seeks to inform and transform the lives of our students. From our earliest history to our efforts to shape the future, Holy Cross traditions guide and inspire.

Faith and Community

The mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart. Where these two things — the mind and the heart — meet, something truly remarkable can be found. 

That can mean exploring your own faith. (Yes, we’re Catholic. You don’t have to be.) We’re the sort of community where the Muslim Student Association and Hillel Toppers come together for an Eid Al Adha-Yom Kippur dinner, and nonreligious students join classmates of all faiths in celebrating human kindness.

It can mean deepening your knowledge of profoundly important issues. And it can mean finding an outlet for your compassion, maybe through a Service Break Experience in which you live simply for a week with peers, serving a community in need, such as at-risk youth in Los Angeles or an orphanage in India.

Whoever you are, whatever you are driven by — here, you’ll follow where your soul guides you. 

Catholic and Interfaith Community at St. Edward's

Rooted in its Catholic, Holy Cross heritage, St. Edward's University supports students of all faiths and backgrounds. All students — whether they are Catholic, from another faith tradition or nonreligious — are welcomed and encouraged to grow in their own beliefs and values, supported by Campus Ministry and an accepting community.