Student Government Association

Elections Information

During the Fall 2023 semester SGA will host an election for 2 open senate seats for incoming students along with open seats for President and Vice President of the organization for the Spring 2024 semester. 

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About SGA

The Association serves as the representatives of the student body, thus enabling members to act as liaisons between the student body and the administration, faculty, and staff. The Association manages its business, funds, and regulates its activities with the advice and consent of the Office of Student Involvement. The Association operates within parameters and guidelines set pursuant to the University Policies and Procedures consistent with the Mission Statement.

The purposes of the Association are to:

a. Represent the thoughts and ideas of the student body;
b. Inform students of their rights and responsibilities;
c. Promote and defend the general welfare of students;
d. Foster cooperation between the administration, faculty, students, and community;
e. Encourage commitment to the University and its Mission;
f. Promote high standards of conduct;
g. Encourage student involvement within the University and surrounding community; and
h. Serve the community as representatives of the University.

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Student Government Association

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Hilltopper Emergency Aid Program

This fund is a developing resource meant to support students experiencing emergencies. If you are experiencing an emergency and need support, please complete the Student of Concern form found on myHilltop.

Donate to the Hilltoppers Overcoming Obstacles Fund H.O.O.F

Campus Safety Walk

Every semester SGA coordinates a campus safety walk with the University Police Department, Campus Safety, Facilities, as well as members of the maintenance and grounds team to ensure a safe campus for everyone. The team walks campus in the dark to see where improvements can be made, and information on the progress of ongoing projects can be found here

Student Suggestion Form

Have questions or suggestions on how to improve campus? 

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Student Resources Box Folder

More information about SGA, meeting minutes, organizational chart, and current legislation visit our student resources folder.