How to Get a Parking Permit

All vehicles parked on campus are required to have a permit in accordance with the St. Edward’s University Traffic and Parking Regulations

Main Campus Parking Map (PDF)

Student, Faculty and Staff

Permits may be purchased through MyHilltop.


Visitors planning a trip to campus can obtain a visitor permit by contacting their university point of contact or by onecard [at] (subject: Visitor%20Permit%20Request, body: %0AFull%20name%3A%0AVehicle%20make%2C%20model%20and%20year%3A%0AVehicle%20license%20plate%20number%3A%0ADate%20of%20your%20visit%3A%0APreferred%20method%20of%20delivery%20(email%20to%20print%20from%20home%20or%20pick%20up%20in%20person%20at%20the%20Hilltopper%20Card%20Office%20in%20Main%20Building%2C%20Room%20G3)%3A) (emailing the Hilltopper Card Office) to request a permit. Visitor parking is located off Theater Pass Drive, just north of the John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Center–North. All vehicles parked in this lot require a visitor parking permit. If this lot is full, visitors with a visitor parking permit can park in the Parking Garage, east of the softball field; and Lot P, east of the Parking Garage.

Temporary Permits

In most instances, staff and faculty permit holders can transfer their vinyl cling from their primary vehicle to an alternate vehicle and will not need to obtain a temporary permit. Students onecard [at] (subject: Temporary%20Permit%20Request) (must contact the Hilltopper Card Office) for temporary permits, and temporary parking permits will be issued at no cost to any current permit holder.

Parking and Traffic Citations

Continued violations of traffic and parking regulations may result in disciplinary action, towing of the vehicle, and revocation of on-campus parking privileges. If a vehicle is towed, it is the driver’s responsibility to pay any fees or fines assessed by the towing company. St. Edward’s University is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by towing or unauthorized parking.


The Student Court of Appeals considers citation appeals from currently enrolled students related to breaches of parking and transportation regulations including moving violations as set out in the St. Edward’s University Traffic and Parking Regulations. Once the 10-day appeal window has expired, the citation fee will automatically be placed on a student’s account

Faculty & Staff

The Commander of the University Police Department considers citation appeals from university faculty & staff. Individuals who receive parking citations have 10 academic calendar days from the date that the citation was issued to appeal. Once the 10-day appeal window has expired, the citation fee will be payable by credit card in PermitExpress.


If you are a campus visitor and receive a citation, please contact the Hilltopper Card Office at 512-448-8770 during normal business hours.