The world is more interconnected than ever.

Conflict and climate change are driving migration on multiple continents. Contemporary problems require global solutions, but political and cultural differences can disrupt international agreements. The demand for people who can work across cultures has never been higher — and as a Global Studies major, you’ll help create a peaceful, sustainable future for people around the world.

You’ll study geography, world history, international politics, and peace and conflict. Intern at an Austin organization that supports immigrants, researches global economic and political trends, or facilitates international trade. Then go abroad, studying at one of St. Edward’s partner universities around the world. You’ll develop expertise in the politics, geography and history of a specific region, choosing from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East — as well as a related foreign language.

Graduate ready to build positive relationships between nations as a diplomat, or tackle humanitarian issues like disaster relief or human trafficking. Work for the United Nations or a multinational corporation. Whatever path you choose, you’ll shape the future as a citizen of the world.

What do our graduates do?

Global Studies majors go on to a variety of careers and graduate schools from St. Edward’s. Here’s a sample.

  • Foreign service officer for the U.S. Department of State
  • Foreign affairs officer for the National Nuclear Security Administration in the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Consultant for Deloitte
  • Active channels associate lead at Google
  • Graduate students at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, Georgetown University, New York University and the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin

A Day as a Study Abroad Student

A Day as a Study Abroad Student

As a Global Studies majors, you’ll have opportunities to study abroad. Few experiences give you a deeper understanding of the world community (and yourself) than living, studying or doing an internship abroad. Read about Brian To ’18, who studied in Japan and earned a dual degree in Global Studies and Asia Pacific Studies.

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements: The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies requires 43-57 hours of major courses, which include a combination of geography, global studies, history, and political studies. In addition, students choose both a regional and a thematic concentration. Students choose both a regional concentration and a thematic concentration to specialize their studies.

Electives: Students complete 18 hours of elective courses in any area of study they choose. These courses do not have to relate to the major.

General Education Requirements: The degree requires 45 hours of general education courses that students complete over four years in addition to their major courses and electives.

View and download the full degree plan for our Global Studies major (PDF).

A few examples of courses students in this major take:

  • Global Public Health - examines how biological, historical, political and socio-economic factors influence the health of populations
  • International Security and Conflict Resolution - explores the causes of war and the nature of diplomacy
  • American Foreign Relations - delves into the interactions the United States has with other countries and the policymakers who craft those relations

Our Faculty and Student Support Services


“Teaching global and international affairs is endlessly fascinating for me because the world is always in a constant state of change.  I try to create a classroom environment where discussions of global issues and events are lively and, while we may not be able to come up with the right answers, we can, at least try to agree upon what questions we should be asking."

– Dr. William Nichols, Professor of Political Science and Global Studies

“The things I enjoy most about teaching Global Studies and Political Science are the interactions I have with students.  My classes are places which welcome lively discussions of current events and the underlying causes of those events."

Jooyoun Lee, Associate Professor of Global Studies and Political Science

Student Support Services

Along with personal attention and mentorship from their professors, our students have access to offices and programs outside of the classroom that supports their success. We encourage students to take advantage of these resources that help them thrive and excel:

  • Academic counseling and advising
  • Supplemental instruction and tutoring
  • Career preparation and advising 
  • Writing Center consultation
  • Health and wellness counseling
  • Student disability support

Learn more about these services.

Outside the Classroom

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as study abroad, an internationally focused internship, and an annual Model Organization of American States competition or Model United Nations competition.

Required Internship or Study Abroad

Global Studies majors are required to participate in either a summer- or semester-long study abroad program or internship. Choose from study abroad programs in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Recent examples of study abroad programs led by Global Studies faculty have included such locations as...

  • Angers, France
  • Sevilla, Spain
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Beppu, Japan
  • Vina del Mar, Chile
  • Costa Rica

Global Studies majors have gained valuable on-the-job training through internationally-focused internships with organizations such as...

  • Catholic Charities
  • STRATFOR Global Intelligence
  • Texas Global strategic planning and lobbying Austin U.S. Export Assistance Center of the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Saheli Asian Women Services cultural and political environments
  • American Gateways - nonprofit providers of immigration legal services​

Dual Degree Program (with APU in Japan)

Students have the option to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from St. Edward’s University and a Bachelor of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies from our partner university, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu, Japan. Study in Austin your freshman and senior years, and Beppu your sophomore and junior years as you explore the social, political, cultural and economic changes shaping our world. 

The Life-Changing Adventure (and Rewards) of a 4-Year Dual Degree: Brian To ('18) spent two years in Beppu, Japan, as part of a dual-degree partnership between St. Edward’s and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

Interested? Contact Dr. William Nichols williamn [at]

Learn more about the Dual Degree Program »

About the Minor

The minor in Global Studies is an asset for any student who wishes to add an international perspective to their education. Students are required to take 18 hours to complete the minor.

Required Courses:

  • Global Issues
  • One Global Studies area survey course and one advanced History, Political Science or Economics course in that region
  • Senior Seminar in Global Studies
  • One course from each thematic track (International Business & Economics, International Conflict, Cooperation & Security, and Global Public Health) 

Are you a current student? Contact your advisor for next steps on declaring your major or minor.