Become a truly global citizen with a major in French, the official language of 30 countries worldwide and one of two working languages used by the United Nations.

Hone your French-language skills, then dive into courses in Francophone literature, film and culture. You’ll have the chance to study abroad at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest, our partner school in Angers, France, located in the stunning Loire Valley. Or study in another French-speaking country and use your language skills as a bridge to a different culture.

When you graduate, you’ll be ready to make a difference globally. You’ll be able to work in key French-speaking cities in the European Union, like Brussels, Paris and Geneva, or apply your skills as a teacher or editor. Work for the State Department or a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in Africa or the Caribbean. Or use your language skills in a career in international business, based in the U.S. or abroad.

What do our graduates do?

French majors go on to a variety of careers and graduate schools from St. Edward’s. Here’s a sample.

  • Teacher at the YEL World School in Perpignan, France
  • Program manager for France, Belgium and Greece at International Studies Abroad
  • Guest services representative for the Walt Disney Company
  • Chat sales specialist for Francophone Canada at Apple
  • Master’s student at the Paris School of International Affairs

For more information on the French major, please contact Phillipe Seminet, associate professor of French. The French major is part of the department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

54 Alumni Who Inspire

54 Alumni Who Inspire

St. Edward’s University counts more than 25,000 alumni around the globe. Some are making their mark in the job they started right after graduation. Others have excelled in multiple careers. Read about how they’re all building on the education they received at St. Edward’s. 

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements: The Bachelor of Arts in French requires 36 hours of French major courses, which include a combination of courses in language, grammar, history, etc. Of those 36 hours, 15 hours are of Required courses (Advanced students may be exempt; see the area coordinator), 6 hours from a set list of courses, and 15 from another set list of courses. See degree plan.

Electives: Students will choose 15 hours from the following courses to complete the 36 hours required for the major. A maximum of six hours can be taken through FREN 3331 with different topics. A maximum of 9 hours can be taken through FREN 3337 or FREN 3339 with different topics.

General Education Requirements: The French degree requires 57 hours of general education courses that students complete over four years in addition to their major courses and electives.

View and download the full degree plan for our French major (PDF).

A few examples of courses students in this major take:             

  • Introduction to the Culture of France – This serves as an introduction to the contemporary culture of France and the historical development of cultural norms, customs and popular and fine arts of the French people.
  • Francophone Africa – Students in this class study literary and cinematic representations of identity, gender, family dynamics, education, and social (in)justice as they impact (post)-colonial Francophone Africa.
  • Immigration and Identity in Francophone Cinema – This course explores the challenges associated with immigration and identity in cinematic productions from France, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Quebec.



My research interests encompass Enlightenment French literature, contemporary French culture and film, and teaching French at all levels in a communicative environment that is designed to prepare students for immersion experiences via study abroad.

– Philippe M. Seminet, Chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and Associate Professor of French​

Join our classes and explore Francophone cultures with a focus on current events, immigration and identity, education, family, gender, and societal dynamics through authentic documents, films and contemporary texts.

– Florina Matu, Assistant Professor of French

Outside the Classroom

Study Abroad

Students of French are encouraged to take advantage of our flagship partner university, Université Catholique de l'Ouest. Located in Angers, France, Université Catholique de l'Ouest has 12,000 students from over 60 countries. The university offers courses in a wide variety of fields and St. Edward's sends its own faculty to teach courses on subjects from literature and culture to ecology and economics! St. Edward's students can study in Angers for the summer, semester or academic year.

Looking for something else? Students of French at St. Edward's can choose to study in French in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, Madagascar, Cameroon or Senegal! These programs range in focus from language and literature to biodiversity to global business. To find an option that's right for you, use the link here to search the globe for an approved program.

The Francophone Food Festival

Held every fall, the Francophone Food Festival allows students to sample delicious dishes from all over the Francophone world prepared by their peers. This allows the students to gain a stronger bond within the French department as well as welcome others who are interested in the language and culture.

Mardi Gras Masked Ball

In the spring, students are invited to dance and enjoy New Orleans-style cuisine at the Mardi Gras Masked Ball. The ball acts as a celebration of what is known as "Fat Tuesday," the day before Ash Wednesday when people commonly begin to fast.

About the Minor

Students will complete 18 hours of French courses. At least six hours towards the minor must be taken in residence at St. Edward’s University. An additional six hours must be taken at St. Edward’s or in approved study-abroad programs. At least nine of the hours taken abroad or in residence must be upper-division or represent courses in the language beyond the intermediate level. 

Required Courses:

  • FREN 2311 French III 
  • FREN 2312 French IV 
  • FREN 2325 Reading and Listening Comprehension  OR  FREN 2326 Practical Conversation
  • FREN 3335 Advanced Composition and Conversation I

Advanced students may be exempt; see the area coordinator.

Choose six hours from the following courses:

  • CULF 3331 Contemporary World Issues (approved topic)
  • HIST 3320 European History: Reformation Through 1900
  • FREN 3331 Topics in French Literature and Film
  • FREN 3332 Survey of French History
  • FREN 3334 Business French
  • FREN 3337 Topics in French Cultural Studies
  • FREN 3339 Topics in French Language and Linguistics
  • FREN 4350 Internship