Parlez-vous Français?

The Bachelor of Arts in French at St. Edward’s University immerses you in the world of French language, literature, and culture of daily life in French-speaking countries.

You’ll gain fluency in the French language, which can enhance any career path where the ability to speak and understand French is an asset. You’ll examine the enormous influence that France holds in political spheres and France’s indelible mark on Western philosophy, art and politics — and even American independence.

Students in the French major can take any level of language class; no prerequisites are  required. If you wish to specialize, you have the flexibility to focus on French literature, cultural studies, or language and linguistics.

French is spoken around the world, from Africa to the Caribbean, to the European Union.
  • It’s one of two working languages of the UN Secretariat (the other is English)
  • It is the official second language of Canada, one the United States’ largest trading partners
  • It is the official language in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland, and is an official language of the European Union 


The French major prepares you for many careers in French-speaking countries and international organizations.

 With a Bachelor of Arts in French, you can work in a variety of fields:
  • Law
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Diplomacy
  • Hospitality 
  • Media and publishing
  • Marketing and advertising
Examples of some of the jobs where fluency in French is an asset include:
  • Foreign interpreter
  • Translator
  • Hotel manager
  • Buyer for a major department store
  • Marketing representative for L'Oréal
  • Production assistant for a major TV network
  • News anchor for a major news outlet
  • Military translator
  • Speech therapist
  • Foreign exchange trader
  • Curation at the Musée du Louvre
  • Cultural Affairs at Musee d’Orsay
  • Film director
  • Human resources for Air France
  • Journalist for ELLE magazine

French is an excellent secondary skill set for careers in fashion, architecture, literature and the culinary arts. A degree in French is highly useful in pharmaceuticals, particle physics and other fields where French companies lead the industry.

Outside the Classroom

Conversational Opportunities

Join our Modern Language students, staff and faculty in wearing our "français" bracelets and pins. You may view the directory of participants who are willing to help you practice your language skills on campus. If you are taking a Modern Language course, you may also participate in a language scavenger hunt, where you ask specific questions of participants for extra credit in a class.

About the Minor

Students who wish to earn a French minor must take the following coursework, totaling 18 hours.

Required Courses
  • French III
  • French IV
  • Survey of French History
  • Advanced Composition and Conversation I
  • Electives

Students must also select two electives from the list of approved elective coursework.

For more information about applicable coursework, please consult the PDF iconundergraduate bulletin