Note: If you began your undergraduate degree before Fall 2018, consult the previous General Education curriculum for requirements.

Reflecting the St. Edward's University Mission, the core curriculum consists of four key components designed to develop in students a broad knowledge base and set of skills that allow them to succeed in their vocations: Foundations, Content and Contexts, flagged Mission Markers, and a Culminating Experience. Courses that develop foundational skills and knowledge comprise 22 credit hours; the other 21 Content and Contexts hours build on this foundation. Every student completes a culminating experience course approved by their major. Students are invited to pursue minors or double majors as interdisciplinary complements to their major work.    

St. Edward's Curriculum

The Suggested SEU Core Sequence provides guidance for students and advisors as to the sequencing of specific general education requirements recommended for most students; however, students may want to adapt this sequence according to their own particular needs.  Below is an overview of the various components of the SEU core curriculum. The SEU Core Curriculum Overview also provides short descriptions of each general education requirement. 

The university welcomes first-year students each fall with a Freshman Seminar in which students join a community of learners and actively engage in academic and co-curricular exploration. As they are introduced to our campus life and mission, they will also develop critical thinking skills necessary to become successful students and lifelong learners by meaningfully confronting questions of social justice. Students generally complete Foundations courses in their first year and complete Content and Contexts coursework in the second and third years.  Students may also elect to take general education courses as part of a study abroad program.

Throughout their academic career, students will be given the opportunity to engage with the university’s mission by choosing four Mission Marker courses in the major or core curricula to further develop their writing; to better understand issues related to social identities, diversity, and equity; and to broaden their understanding of social problems and participate in community-based activities that address these issues. Mission marker requirements will usually be fulfilled by courses in the major or courses that fulfill other general education requirements and thus add no additional hours to the student's curriculum. Mission Markers are expected to be taken in residence, and only SEU courses are flagged as meeting Mission Markers.  However, students can petition to have a transfer course count as a Mission Marker.

Before graduating, students will complete a Culminating Experience project through coursework in the major or school that demonstrates the depth of learning in the major and is facilitated by the skills and enriched by the contexts explored in their course curriculum. The Culminating Experience is a senior-level course or series of courses in the major that involves a substantial, discipline-appropriate project. The Culminating Experience course demonstrates and integrates key learning outcomes in the major discipline and general education curriculum, encompassing the student’s entire career at St. Edward’s University.