Building a Spiritual Community

Campus Ministry's retreat programs offer a time to unplug from the many distractions of life and refocus your heart and mind on your spiritual journey. 

Whether your idea of getting away is finding a quiet, wooded spot for personal prayer or practicing yoga and meditation, there's something for everyone: incoming freshmen, graduating seniors, those wishing to experience one-on-one spiritual guidance or those looking to meet new people.

Freshmen Escape

The Freshman Escape is a chance to take time out and reflect on your experiences during a weekend getaway led by upperclassmen. You'll meet new friends, discuss issues of college life, explore your faith, and hang out and relax.

It is typically held one of the last weekends in September. Check out photos from the 2016 Freshmen Escape. For more information, contact jstagni [at] (subject: Freshmen%20Escape) (Josh Stagni).

Emerge Retreat

Emerge is for sophomores, juniors and seniors and provides an opportunity to get away from campus to relax, reflect, build a community of support, serve and be strengthened.     

The event is typically held in early November. For more information, contact jstagni [at] (subject: Emerge%20Retreat) (Josh Stagni).

Senior Retreat

During the craziness of senior year, take a short break to reflect on your time at St. Edward's and stop to enjoy these last moments with other seniors. This overnight retreat led by St. Edward’s staff and alumni provides an opportunity to share memories and pray together for God’s blessing as you prepare to move beyond the Hilltop. 

This retreat typically takes place in early February. For more information, contact jstagni [at] (subject: Senior%20Retreat) (Josh Stagni).

Mystery of Faith Kairos Retreat

This student-led weekend retreat is based on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as the core mystery of Christian faith. Each person brings their own lens to this saving mystery and how it relates to our own lives. By bringing each person’s perspective into the conversation, we can dig deeper into Christ’s role in our lives and explore our faith as its own an unfolding mystery. Check out photos from the 2016 Mystery of Faith Retreat.

The 2017 retreat will be held February 24-26. For more information, contact jstagni [at] (subject: Mystery%20of%20Faith%20Retreat) (Josh Stagni).

Men's Retreat

Mystery of Faith Kairos Retreat

Women's Retreat

Connect with other women of faith and join us for a day of reflection and sharing designed to help us slow down and recognize God in our everyday. This retreat is typically held in April. For more information, contact jstagni [at] (subject: Women's%20Retreat) (Josh Stagni).

Busy Person's Retreat

The Busy Person’s Retreat is offered for six weeks each spring and provides a welcoming environment for people of all faiths. Tailored to your needs by a spiritual companion, you’ll be guided through a series of exercises to help you find your spiritual center, examine your relationship with God and rejuvenate through contemplation and prayer

This "retreat in everyday life" is centered around weekly meetings with a spiritual mentor, which last about an hour. Participants also come together as a group to begin the retreat with a community prayer service and to celebrate their growth at the end of the retreat.  A booklet of suggested scripture and reflective passages will be given to each participant.

For more information, contact larrya [at] (subject: Busy%20Person's%20Retreat) (Bro. Larry Atkinson, CSC).