Gain Spanish fluency to take on a global career

With a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, you'll develop speaking, reading, and writing proficiency in Spanish through coursework and language immersion. Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world and the second most commonly spoken language in the United States. This degree is increasingly relevant in today’s global economy.

Study the language as well as the history, music, art, literature and politics of Spanish, Latino and Hispanic cultures. You’ll gain Spanish fluency in tandem with skills specific to your particular career interest, such as Communication, Sociology, Business Administration, International Business and Criminal Justice. 

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad or complete the Spanish internship course. This enhances the learning experience with immersion in the cultural and linguistic environment. Students who study abroad also have the chance to develop an awareness of business norms and other cultural norms in professional communities. 

Students should begin upperdivision courses by their junior year. Ideally, students pursuing a Spanish major or minor will have taken PDF iconSpan 2325 and 2326 by their junior year.


Students pursuing their Bachelor of Arts in Spanish can look forward to careers in fields such as:
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Public service
  • Any area where Spanish language and cultural knowledge is an asset
Graduates may work in a variety of careers. Examples include: 
  • Translator for an international news service
  • Case manager for a nonprofit supplying services for Spanish speakers
  • Employee of a multinational company, such as Nike®, IBM® or Ford Motor Company®
  • Employee of the government office of immigration
  • Employee of the U.S. Agency for International Development 
  • Member of the CIA or FBI 

Advanced degrees are required for further opportunities within the U.S. State Department or for teaching on the college level.

Outside the Classroom

You will have a variety of opportunities to engage in learning outside of the classroom.

Along with strudy abroad programs, you'll have many opportunities on campus for immersion, such as:
  • Interviews with native speakers 
  • Interaction with the many international students on campus
  • Conversation opportunities across campus with students, faculty and staff 
  • Interaction with students across the globe using real-time technology
  • Service opportunities, such as taking the role of student facilitator for the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

"Immersion will force me to learn Spanish, which is my main goal with the program. Where better to learn Spanish than Spain? And I may never have another chance in my life to do this, so I should do it while I can." 
- Daniel Cardenas, Class of 2015

About the Minor

Students who wish to earn a Spanish minor must take the following coursework, totaling 18 hours. At least nine hours of coursework must be upperdivision.

Requires Courses
  • Spanish IV
  • Reading and Listening Comprehension
  • Practical Conversation
  • Topics in Hispanic Studies
  • Grammar and Composition I
  • Grammar and Composition II
  • Electives

Students may choose any electives in order to complete the required number of hours.

For more information about applicable coursework, please consult the PDF iconundergraduate bulletin.