Half a billion people speak Spanish. Do you?

Whether you are already fluent or just curious about the language, our program offers enriching courses to help you meet your academic and career goals.

Think about the possibilities for employment, travel, leisure, entrepreneurship, international service and research opportunities in many cutting-edge fields open to those who speak Spanish! Whether you plan on living in the United States or going abroad, few langauges open as many doors as Spanish. Not only is Spanish spoken by more than 37 million people in the US, it is also the 3rd most widely spoken language in the world, spoken in over 25 different countries as the official or primary language. 

Our Spanish faculty offer exciting courses at all language levels that span a wide range of topics and are also a great resource for students seeking Spanish-language internships at home or abroad. St. Edward's also offers unique study abroad programs that allow students to earn course credit all over the world and immerse themselves in the Spanish language. 

Hot Topic: Spring in Spain

Students of Spanish at St. Edward's have dozens of choices when it comes to study abroad. And our recent travelers to Spain prove that even a single country can offer a diversity of experiences.

Zaira Villa spent the spring of 2016 studying Spanish and medical sciences in Castellon de la Plana.  Though she had many options, she says she selected this program because she "fell in love with the campus, the location, and the idea of an exchange program." Her time on the Mediterranean coast allowed her to spend a semester immersed in Spanish language and culture, but also reevaluate her future goals. Zaira still plans on attending medical school, but is now also considering a degree in public health and a career with Doctors Without Borders. She adds she has "been thinking about [her] education more globally." 


To students considering study abroad in the future, Zaira offers simple advice: "Do it."

Domonique Pearson opted for a program focused on behavioral and social sciences in Madrid, the nation's capital. Domonique not only chose courses that would focus on improving her language skills, but also opted to spend her semester living with a host family. "I wanted to live with a host family to force myself to practice speaking Spanish and to really experience the Spanish culture through the life of a family," Domonique says. She plans to find a career that allows her to use her Spanish skills and to work with families to improve access to educational resources for their children.


"[T]he experience I had changed my life."

Katherine Nixon, a double-major in Global Studies and Spanish, was initially unsure with study abroad program would be the best fit her for. After sitting down with an advisor at the Global Engagement Office, she chose a program offered through Academic Programs International. The program, which allowed her to spend a semester in Granada, gave her the option to take all of her courses in Spanish. The students were encouraged, she says, "to really immerse themselves in Spanish society." Katherine plans to go on to law school and later work with international clients. She notes that the studying abroad gave her experience with intercultural communication, a skill that "is an important aspect of the business world, the professional world, and our modern world in general."

"I would be lying if I said that it was never scary or intimidating. Remember, however, that happiness and fulfillment are frequently found just on the other side of fear. They were for me." 

Outside the Classroom

Looking for a place to practice your Spanish? Interested in meeting students from Spanish-speaking countries? Searching for service opportunities and internships where you can put your language skills to work? Hoping to spend a semester or summer aboard?

However you're interested in enriching your academic and co-curricular experience, you've come to the right place. St. Edward's is home to an active Spanish club, El Círculo de Español, and offers students regular opportunities to socialize in Spanish at events such as Intercambio: International Mixer. 

Spanish-speaking students at St. Edward's utilize their language skills in a variety of service and internship positions across Central Texas and beyond. See below for more information about our programs abroad.

About the Major and Minor

The Spanish Major (or Second Major) consists of 36 total hours. Beginning with Span 2312, all Spanish courses count toward the major and minor. (Spanish 1311, 1312 and 2311, however, do not count toward the major or minor.)

Our Majors are required to take SPAN 3330 (offered every fall), 3341 (offered every spring), 3322 and 4398. They must complete a total of 2 4000-level courses.

The Spanish Minor consists of 18 total hours. SPAN 3330 and 3341 are required of all Minors. The additional 12 hours are to be fulfilled through approved courses listed in the PDF iconundergraduate bulletin.

Study Abroad

Our students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the wide array of Spanish-language study abroad programs offered through St. Edward's. With programs in over a dozen countries offered during the summer and academic year, students are sure to find a good fit for their interests. These programs allow students to improve their proficiency, earn credit, and even intern abroad.

St. Edward's has numerous partner universities in the Spanish-speaking world and faculty are regularly creating new, innovative programs. We are excited to announce that in 2016 Prof. Georgia Seminet will be leading the first group of students on the Spanish and Caribbean Identity in the Domincan Republic program. For more information about this and other exciting opportunities, please visit the Office of International Education or speak to your professor.