Take on bigger opportunities with a graduate degree that opens doors.

At St. Edward’s, our graduate programs allow you to fine-tune your professional goals and shore up durable skills that keep you thriving and resilient in a fast-changing job market and economy.

In a survey of graduates who recently completed a master’s degree at St. Edward’s, an overwhelming majority — 91% — confirmed that the university helped them meet their goals.

Taught by faculty members who are experts in their fields, our academically challenging programs give you the knowledge, industry insights, global perspective and professional network you need to take your career to a new level.

Our programs are designed for busy professionals.

The selection of in-person and online programs we offer are convenient for busy lifestyles. In-person courses are held at our main campus near downtown, in online and blended formats, and most include evening and weekend classes.

Online Programs

Learn key skills to lead in digital marketing and analytics.

30 Credit Hours
16 Months

Learn to assess, analyze, and diagnose individuals with autism's abilities and challenging behaviors.

30 Credit Hours
21 Months

Help shape the future of higher education and work in PK-12 programs to equip students for higher education.

30 Credit Hours
21 Months

Gain the skills and experience required for success in the rapidly changing world of higher education administration.

60 Credit Hours
39 Months

Weekend Programs

Build skills in entrepreneurial thinking, social enterprise, innovation, global collaboration and business analytics.

36-39 credit hours
15-month to 2-year program

Help students achieve their potential; cultivate skills in advising, conflict resolution, leadership and mentoring.

36 credit hours
2-year program

Evening Programs

Learn to analyze financial data, apply tax laws and recommend investment options; prepare to pass the CPA exam.

30 credit hours
2-year program

Gain professional insights into human behavior through an experiential program and accomplished faculty; prepare to pass the LPC and/or LMFT.

60 credit hours
2- to 3-year program

Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) (Not Taking Applicants)

Design your own program, explore your passions and deepen your understanding of the human experience.

33 credit hours
1.5- to 2-year program

Evaluate, develop and implement leadership strategies that help an organization change and grow its culture and performance.

30 credit hours
16 months

Breadth and Depth of Knowledge

With our graduate programs, from counseling to business, our faculty members have a range of knowledge to share. Check out these two-minute reads to get a feel for the practical lessons you'll learn in the classroom.