How to register for classes.

All students register for courses via myHilltop. Links to registration and other resource materials can also be found in myHilltop.

Register for Classes

Registration Schedules

Continuing (Current) Student Registration

Classification by hours: Freshman 0–29; Sophomore 30–59; Junior 60–89; Senior 90+. The student Classification for Registration is calculated by adding the number of completed (earned) hours to the number of currently registered hours. In the case of transfer credits, grade changes, CLEP exams, etc., only work RECEIVED in the Office of the Registrar by the set date for each term will be considered. Waived courses are not included as earned hours.

Holds that prohibit registration must be cleared before you may register.

See the real-time course schedule.

The Summer and Fall 2024 schedule will be available starting March 1, 2024.

Level Classification For Registration Begin Date Begin Time
Graduate Graduate April 5, 2024 8 a.m.
Undergraduate Senior Athletes and Honor Students April 8, 2024 7 a.m
Undergraduate Post-graduate April 8, 2024 8 a.m.
Undergraduate Senior April 8, 2024 8 a.m.
Undergraduate Junior Athletes and Honor Students April 9, 2024 7 a.m.
Undergraduate Junior April 9, 2024 8 a.m.
Undergraduate Sophomore Athletes and Honor Students April 10, 2024 7 a.m.
Undergraduate Sophomore April 10, 2024 8 a.m.
Undergraduate Freshman Athletes and Honor Students April 11, 2024 7 a.m.
Undergraduate Freshman April 11, 2024 8 a.m.

New and Re-admitted Student Registration

Level Begin Date
New/Re-admitted Graduate Monday, April 22nd, after communication with advising staff
Re-admitted Undergraduate Monday, April 22nd, after communication with advising staff
Transfer Undergraduate Monday, April 22nd, after communication with Success Coach staff

For registration during Spring/Summer dates, incoming, first-time freshmen will register for classes during Orientation.

After students complete the admission process, a Success Coach will reach out to all new transfer/returning undergraduate students to schedule an advising and registration appointment.

Undergraduate Students

Continuing Students
Prior to registration, you must meet with an academic advisor to review your schedule and get your Alternate PIN. If you’re unsure who your advisor is, consult your Degree Works audit, check with Academic Counseling and Exploration or contact your school’s Dean’s Office. Before this meeting, you must prepare a tentative schedule and select alternate courses. You will register based on your classification for registration (see your class standing for registration purposes in the Prepare for Registration section in Banner 9).

New and Re-admitted Students
These students are new to the university or are St. Edward’s University students who have become inactive. Upon notification of eligibility from the Office of Admission, new, transfer and re-admitted students must contact Academic Counseling and Exploration to schedule an advising and registration appointment. You’ll receive an acceptance packet from the Office of Admission which includes information about your student computer account. Contact the Office of Information Technology for instructions. New freshmen and international students will be advised and registered during their scheduled Orientation session.

Graduate Students

Continuing Graduate Students
You do not require Alternate PINs for registration. Contact your advisor for any advising needs. 

New and Re-admitted Students 
You will receive an acceptance packet from the Office of Graduate Admission which includes information on your student computer account. Contact the Office of Information Technology for instructions. Contact the advisor indicated in your acceptance letter to schedule an advising and/or registration appointment. If you need registration assistance, contact your advisor or the Office of the Registrar.

New and re-admitted students should review the registration schedule once available for registration datesContinuing students are students enrolled in St. Edward’s University courses during the current term or students with an active academic status. All students must have an active account to register via myHilltop. If you have problems with your login or password, contact the Help Desk.

Schedule Adjustments

Each student is responsible for determining, prior to the end of the adjustment period, whether the student has the appropriate class schedule. Course prerequisites, compatibility with work schedule and class assignments should be considered carefully. All schedule adjustments must be processed by the published deadlines. Students are allowed to withdraw from courses during the posted schedule adjustment period. During this period, the refund schedules are adhered to and students should consult the Refund Schedule for the term. A student may add or drop courses any time during the initial registration period which ends when courses for the term begin. The last day to add full-term courses is the fifth class day for the term. After the Official Headcount Day for the term, a student may only withdraw from courses for a recorded grade of W. Courses that fall outside of the traditional term structure have different add/drop/withdrawal deadlines. Consult the dates and deadlines for the specific term.

Students who need to withdraw from a course or courses after the published deadline(s) can use the Petition for Schedule Adjustment to request an administrative registration change. The petition has additional deadlines and requirements for submission and students should read the instructions thoroughly.

If you have questions, contact your school’s advisor:

​Undeclared majors must contact Academic Counseling and Exploration.