Our police professionals form a full-service law enforcement agency that serves safety needs and concerns of the university 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All officers are licensed by the State of Texas and vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities. We maintain a community policing approach to campus safety, with ongoing education and dialogue.

Our officers play a daily, active role within the campus community by:

  • Conducting routine patrols to deter crime
  • Leading bike safety, personal self-defense and crime prevention classes
  • Creating awareness of fire and safety hazards
  • Working collaboratively with the campus community and student government to provide a safe and secure campus

We also emphasize prevention, working closely with campus maintenance and landscaping staff to maintain university buildings and grounds with an eye to safety and security.

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Reporting a Crime On Campus

To immediately report a crime in progress on campus, please call 911 and the University Police Department at 512-448-8444. You may also use complete the SEU Crime Incident Report Form or submit an Anonymous Tip.