Sustainability Seminars Question Relationships with Nature

Seminars in the Sustainability Learning Community (LC) will examine the importance of place, the human role in the environment, and actions that foster sustainability. Questions we will ask include: What is the relationship of people to the environment? How do our attitudes towards nature change over time? And how is Austin making efforts to become more sustainable?

Signature Events

CapMetro Transit Adventure – We get to know some of Austin's popular sites like SoCo, Zilker Park, and downtown, by using the city's mass transit system. Once you know how to catch the bus, you'll be able to explore the whole city.

Where's My Food From? – Compare food sold at grocery stores and farmers' markets. Learn how global our corporate food distribution system is, and how local farmers have created a healthier and more sustainable alternative.

Hike, Bike, and Paddle – Barton Springs, Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Park, Wild Basin, Blunn Creek - Austin is full of great outdoor spaces. You'll have the chance to get to see how the city preserves and uses its natural beauty.

Sustainability Learning Community taking a hike.

Fall 2023 classes

Below is a list of classes available for the fall 2023 semester.