Immerse yourself in the study of art

Students in the Art program at St. Edward's University have opportunities to explore the world of art while developing a core foundation of knowledge in design, drawing and art history.

Work with professors whose expertise will help you to grow creatively and become a more fine-tuned professional. You'll work one-on-one with a professor to build a portfolio of work which will showcase your ability to employers and graduate schools.

 The Art program at St. Edward's allows you to:
  • Have the freedom to discover your own style
  • Learn to critique your own work
  • Gain direct experience in exhibition design and installation
  • Experiment with various mediums
  • Develop a portfolio and publicly exhibit your work

Students have unique opportunities to immerse themselves in visual culture because of the proximity of St. Edward's to Austin's vibrant art scene. Through the programming of the Fine Arts Gallery and unique course offerings, student are exposed to a variety of visiting artists and lecturers, exciting exhibitions on campus and exhibits and events in the local arts community.

Many students select this degree to prepare for a career in the arts or graduate study in studio art, art education, art history and curatorial studies. 

Meet the Faculty

Our distinguished faculty members are scholar-practitioners with years of experience and creative passions of their own. They stay active in their fields and bring their expertise to the classroom. The Art program faculty have submitted works of art for exhibition and national awards.

Dr. Mary Brantl

"I teach my students by providing context to the world of art — from the availability of materials to market strategies, from the voice of the individual to the goals of society. I encourage young people to study with these much larger issues in mind. However, I also believe that the study of art must come back to the object itself."

— Mary K. Brantl, PhD, Associate Professor of Art History


Hollis Hammonds

"Beyond providing young people with technical know-how, I hope to open their minds to new ideas and successful approaches to problem solving, brainstorming techniques and experimenting without reservation."

— Hollis Hammonds, Associate Professor of Art, Chair of Visual Studies


Alexandra Robinson

"I encourage them to seek opportunities that challenge them artistically, both in and outside of the classroom. This reinforcement of their talent makes a precious connection between theory and practice."

— Alexandra Robinson, Assistant Professor of Art, Director of Fine Arts Gallery


Tammie Rubin

"I view myself as a facilitator, guiding students through paths that will lead to a lifetime of creative expression and critical response. My goal is that each student leaves my class with increased understanding of how to express their ideas clearly in three-dimensional forms, using technical skills, cogent thought processes, and an awareness of context. Ultimately, I want to provide students with a solid framework where they develop skill, engage, reflect, expand, and examine their understanding of art."

— Tammie Rubin, Assistant Professor of Art, Sculpture and Ceramics


With a Bachelor of Arts in Art, you’ll have the practical and professional experience needed for many creative fields. Recent graduates have also earned grants for artistic projects and been accepted to studio residency programs.

Art majors work in many different fields, such as:
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Exhibition design
  • Publishing and illustrating
  • Art therapy
  • Arts administration 
  • Film, theater and television
  • Animation
  • Art criticism
  • Museums and galleries
Examples of roles Art students take include:
  • Children's storybook artist
  • Art supplies sales representative
  • Comic book artist
  • Fashion designer
  • Admissions counselor at an art school 
  • Costume designer
  • Stage design
  • Gallery or museum curator
  • Teaching art to young learners
  • Earning an advanced degree to teach at the college level
  • Editorial cartoonist 
  • Video game design
  • Exhibiting artwork in a local, regional or national gallery​

Outside the Classroom

Student opportunities include:
  • Annual field trips to major museums and art events around the state
  • The Fine Arts Exhibition program and the Visiting Artist program expose students to a variety of art and artists from the region and beyond
  • Networking with visiting artists 
  • Internship opportunities in the Austin area
  • Opportunities for student exhibitions
  • Study abroad

On Campus Projects

Students may also participate in art projects on campus. For example, six students in an installation art class with professor Alexandra Robinson created an interactive art installation for high-school students visiting campus. 

Visiting Artists

St. Edward's University brings in artists to further enhance students' experience by exposing them to high-quality art and individuals who are active in the field. 

Past visiting artists include:

  • Turkish American artist Tulu Bayar
  • David Mack, artist and writer for Marvel Comics®
  • New York sculptor and photographer, Robert Hite
  • Artist-activists Robert Shetterly and Lily Yeh


Our internship program acquaints junior and senior-level students with the practical experience of engaging with artists who work in studios and art professionals, gallerists and curators in the workplace.

About the Minor

Students who wish to earn an Art minor must take the following coursework, totaling 24 hours, with at least 9 hours of upper-division coursework.

Required Courses
  • Foundation Art and Design
  • Drawing I
  • Clay I
  • Art History I or Art History II


Students select four elective courses, with at least one elective in Art History I, Art History II, Drawing II or Watercolor I.

For more information about applicable coursework, please consult the undergraduate bulletin.

Alumni News

Jessica Foster (BA Art Education ’15) is the lead art educator at Barbara Jordan Elementary in Austin, TX. Margaret Dye (BA Art ’14) completed the art education graduate program at Texas Tech University in Spring 2016. Jenny Gacy (BA Art ’13) freelance designer and illustrator in Austin, TX. Kristin Moore (BA Art ’13) completed the graduate program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California in Spring 2016, and is currently the Education and Program Director at Women and Their Work gallery in Austin, TX. Jordan Hamilton (BA Art ’13) begins an MA in Critical Theory + Creative Research at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Fall 2015. Jessica Buie (BA Art, minor Graphic Design ’12) begins the M.F.A. program at University of California, San Diego in Fall 2015 on full scholarship. Mia Carameros (BA Art, minor Graphic Design ’12) is an artist and designer for Kendra Scott. Gwyn Dellacroce (BA Art ’12) is completing her MFA at the University of Texas-Pan American. Paige Reynolds (BA Art Education ’12) is an art educator at Del Valle High School in Del Valle, TX. Brandon Goodwin (BA in Art ’12) is the laboratory assistant in the Art Department at Santa Barbara College in California. Jennifer Hassin (BA Art ’12) has received a number of grants and fellowships, supporting her studio practice at Canopy Studios in East Austin. She currently has work at The Pentagon, and one of her works “A Battle Lost” was recently on display at The Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, California, and is installed at The Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco until April of 2016. She was named “Best Visual Artist” in Austin, TX by the Austin Chronicle in 2015. Katy Potts (BA Art Education ’12) is an art educator at Ojeda Middle School in Del Valle, TX. Natalia Rodriguez (BA Art ’12) is Grants Manager at Artpace in San Antonio, Texas. Ricky Jaen (Art minor ’11) Co-founder of Up Collective art studios and gallery and is Head of Production for Espacio Handmade, a handcrafted leather and gentlemen’s refinery business as well as Operations Manager for Spruce Jewelry. Amanda Schaeper (BA Art Education ’11) is an art educator at Las Palmas Elementary School, San Antonio, TX. Monica Wright (BA Art ’11) is an artist and illustrator based in Dallas/Fort Worth. Kaci Beeler (Art ’10) is co-founder and co-director of the Hideout Theater in Austin, TX and Winner “Best Actor/Actress” Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin” 2012. Sarah ChongSing (BA Art ’10) completed a M.A. in Art History at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota in 2013. Rebecca McCormick (BA History, minor Art History ’10) completed a  M.A. in History of Decorative Arts (summa cum laude) with a concentration in American textiles at George Mason University—Smithsonian Associates in 2013. Molly Phillips (BA Art ’10) owner and jewelry designer for Molly Phillips Designs, Austin, TX. Kelly Waguespack (BA Art Education ’10) is an art educator at Brentwood Elementary School in Austin, TX. Taylor Browning Bates (BA Art ’09) is Director of Programs & Exhibitions at Artpace in San Antonio. She received her MA in Art Education from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011. She is the Co-Founder of Up Collective and was education director for the Landmark Public Arts program at UT–Austin from 2012–2013. Heather Ledesma Robbins (BA Art Education ’09) is an art educator at Linder Elementary School in Austin, TX. Nick Swift (BA Art ’09 & MLA ’12) is the owner of Swift Distillery in Dripping Springs, TX. Martin Salinas (MLA ’09) is currently teaching at the National University of San Luis and the Catholic University of Cuyo. Donald Gallaspy (BA Art ’08) works at The Contemporary Austin. Rachelle Diaz (BA Art, Minor Graphic Design ’02) was chosen for the first juried alumni exhibition in the SEU Fine Arts Gallery, July-August 2014 titled “The Beginning Is An Omen For The Whole” including works by fellow artists Aldo Ramos and Gerardo Arellano; she owns Art Diva Creative design firm. John Cobb (BA Art ’83) is an artist living in Austin, TX. He was awarded a solo exhibition in 2004 at Museum of the Southwest in Corpus Christi.