Environmental responsibility is imperative to the health and wellbeing of our campus, our community, and our planet.

It is achieved through bold actions taken across multiple areas of our university, from the buildings we work, live, and study in, to academic and research opportunities, to the food in our dining halls. St. Edward’s recognizes its responsibility in educating and empowering the university community to work together for a more sustainable hilltop.

Explore and learn about sustainability both on campus and around the world.

Check out Green Tips for Toppers to make your life more eco-friendly. Read about the sustainable initiatives and events happening on campus. Learn what our faculty, staff and students are doing to improve the environment.

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Here are highlights we’re particularly proud of:

Office of Sustainability Staff:

Cristina Bordin

cristinb [at] stedwards.edu (Cristina Bordin)

Chief of Staff, Liaison to the Board of Trustees and Sustainability Coordinator

Bordin is a liaison among campus operations, faculty, students and staff to collaboratively strengthen the sustainability culture on campus by increasing sustainability education and awareness and assisting all university departments towards a more sustainable campus. She is also the advisor of Students for Sustainability.

Eliza Worrick

eworrick [at] stedwards.edu (Eliza Worrick)

Administrative Coordinator and Sustainability Communications Strategist

Worrick coordinates marketing efforts across our sustainability blog, website, internal communications platforms and social media outlets. She also tracks and analyzes the effectiveness of these communication efforts to make sure that our audiences both on- and off-campus get the right information when and where they need it.

Mike Peterson

michaelp [at] stedwards.edu (Michael W. Peterson)

Associate Vice President for Facilities

Peterson is responsible for all facility construction and maintenance on the university’s 160-acre campus. He also chairs the Environmental Stewardship and Bell committees.

Kit Johnson

kitj [at] stedwards.edu (Christopher "Kit" Johnson)

Associate Vice President for Master Planning and Construction (University Architect)

Johnson provides oversight for the development of the campus master plan and leadership for all new construction and major renovations.