See marketing and analytics through our digital lens

Students earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing will receive an enhanced curriculum which reflects the current needs of marketers.

With a focus on marketing analytics, content creation, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and social media marketing, the Marketing degree program prepares students to succeed in the modern digital landscape.

An estimated 60% of a marketer’s time is currently spent in digital marketing activities, and faculty members have built engaging coursework that provides specific training in tools and technologies that marketing experts use daily.

Email marketing engines, Google AdWords and Analytics for paid search, and Hootsuite™ software for social media management are some of the technical tools that students are able to gain proficiency and certification in.

In addition to building a strong foundation in business principles, Marketing students explore the psychology of buyer behavior and practice using digital media, marketing metrics and research to make informed marketing decisions.

The Marketing degree program is a good fit for students who are both analytical and creative.

Successful marketers:

  • Translate qualitative insights and quantitative processes into innovative business strategies
  • Clearly articulate creative strategies, recommendations and results
  • Think critically and solve complex business issues
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, digital environment

All students at St. Edward’s University are able to enroll in the Digital Marketing minor, a unique program at the university. The minor focuses on specific digital marketing channels, technologies and analytical expertise. See below for more information on course requirements.

Learning Goals

Students who complete a BBA in Marketing will be able to:

  • Manage customer relationships to benefit the organization and its stakeholders
  • Develop and structure brands
  • Target audience identification, need analysis and consumer research
  • Collaborate with internal departments, clients, partners and vendors
  • Make informed marketing decisions and devise marketing plans
  • Understand the role of product development, positioning, distribution, retailing and wholesaling, pricing, customer retention and social responsibility
  • Use different marketing media, including online media, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, website and interactive applications, print, outdoor and television advertising, packaging and more in an integrated way to reinforce a brand image and achieve company objectives
  • Receive certifications and experience in the latest marketing technologies, including Hootsuite for social media marketing, HubSpot Inbound and Google AdWords for digital marketing, Google Analytics for marketing metrics, and Salesforce for sales and relationship marketing


A Marketing degree prepares students for challenging careers in fields such as digital marketing, advertising, brand management, customer relations, market research and product development.

Marketing graduate Harrison Cummins '14 attributed his graduate success to networking with local professionals early on. His diligence and involvement both on campus and in the community paid off. After graduation, he landed a job as an events coordinator at the Austin Film Festival.

Marketing graduates have pursued careers as:

  • Account executives
  • Brand managers
  • Business development specialists
  • Client relationship managers
  • Content marketing specialists
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Ecommerce specialists
  • Email marketing specialists
  • Event managers
  • Fundraisers for non-profit organizations
  • Marketing analysts
  • Media buyers/planners
  • Mobile marketing specialists
  • Project coordinators
  • Public relations coordinators
  • Retail managers
  • SEO/paid search specialists
  • Social media managers
  • Sales and relationship managers
  • Website design and optimization

Upon completion of the Marketing degree, graduates can continue their education by pursuing an advanced degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Outside the Classroom

The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship facilitates student organizations which work to encourage and uphold sound and ethical marketing practices, form a deeper understanding and appreciation of marketing challenges, and improve awareness of opportunities available to marketing professionals.

Meet the Faculty

The Marketing faculty members are passionate about connecting and cultivating lifelong learners. They continuously contribute to student development, bringing years of direct experience in both small and large organizations, including Motorola, Compaq, Dell, Dun & Bradstreet, Verizon Telecommunications, Mitel Networks, Cornerstone OnDemand and General Motors.

Many faculty members are also skilled in digital marketing, marketing metrics and statistical techniques.

Marketing faculty are involved with business communities and professional organizations, professional publications and local businesses.

About the Digital Marketing Minor

The Digital Marketing minor allows students from a broad range of majors, including the business disciplines, to be well-prepared for work in a variety of marketing roles and in positions that require digital marketing expertise.


MKTG 2301 Principles of Marketing
BUSI 2305 Business Statistics
MKTG 3343 Marketing Research
MKTG 4342 Digital Marketing and Analytics
MKTG 4344 Marketing Metrics and Analytics
MKTG 3335 Social Media Marketing

Electives (Choose 1)

MKTG 3332 Sales and Relationship Management
MKTG 3333 Principles of Retailing and Ecommerce
MKT 3336 Buyer Behavior
COMM 2305 Visual Communication
COMM 2359 Video Production and Editing
ENGW 2329 Document Design
JOUR 2314 Interactive Media Production and Design (Photoshop)
BDMM 3344 Interactive Technology I
BDMM 4330 Digital Media and the Law

Total Hours: 21