CLEP and DSST are the two types of credit by exams that are offered on campus at St. Edward's University. The registration and payment process are a little different for each test.

Placement Exams

The Testing Center also proctors placement exams for St. Edward's University. The big difference between the Credit By Exams and Placement are as follows:

  1. Credit-By-Exam is for credit on a student’s transcript and has a fee.
    • For example: A student’s first language is Spanish and they feel taking a Spanish class would not be beneficial to their degree plan. They would take the CLEP Spanish to see how many courses they could get credit for on their transcript but not have to take the class.
  2. Placement Testing is to see which course the student should start taking so they are not taking a class where they have mastered the needed skills.
    • For example: A student took Spanish in High School and feels they have enough knowledge to skip to Spanish 3. They would take the placement test to see if they could start taking Spanish 3 instead of starting over in Spanish 1.

Location and Time of Testing

The testing room is located on the St. Edward's University campus in the John Brooks Williams Natural Science Center South (Map of St. Edward's University), Room 361, and are given on Fridays at 1:30 pm. (See the credit by exam testing schedule for specific dates.)