The Department of Chemistry Offers a Challenging, Supportive Program

Students in the Chemistry department at St. Edward's University learn basic chemical principles and theories through unique, hands-on, collaborative learning experiences designed to prepare graduates for a variety of careers. Close interaction with faculty at St. Edward’s — and time spent in classes, laboratories, research, advising sessions and program events — allow you to learn more about options for careers and graduate work.

We offer a variety of degree options for students who are interested in understanding more about chemistry and its applications. Foundational course work for each major is centered around a comprehensive Chemistry degree that will prepare students for any future endeavor ranging from graduate school, entry-level industry positions and a variety of pre-professional programs. For those who want to explore a more in-depth interdisciplinary focus of chemistry and biology, our Biochemistry degree is an excellent option. In addition, we support more specific student interests in forensic chemistry or environmental chemistry, which is evidence of the breadth of options students have if they choose to study chemistry at St. Edward’s.


The Chemistry department has an active, externally-funded undergraduate research program. In addition to performing research during the academic year in one of our faculty-led research groups, majors also are encouraged to apply for participation in a full-time summer research experience offered by the department. This summer program is fully funded, with successful applicants awarded stipends, competitive with those offered at other undergraduate institutions across the nation. Students are also encouraged to present their results at professional meetings, such as regional and national meetings of the American Chemical Society and the Texas Academy of Science.

In support of this emphasis, the faculty has worked with other departments and the university administration to acquire funding to support curricular innovation and specifically modern laboratory instrumentation. These efforts have been very successful as evidenced by an ongoing departmental research grant from the Welch Foundation, individual research grants by the National Institutes of Health and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (I4) , and curricular and equipment grants from the National Science Foundation and the Keck Foundation.

Associate Professor & Chemistry Chair Dr. Santiago Toledo Receives Significant NIH Grant

Associate Professor & Chemistry Chair Dr. Santiago Toledo Receives Significant NIH Grant

In May 2020, Dr. Santiago Toledo received a three-year $330,602 grant from National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study acireductonedioxygenase (ARD) & its link to certain types of cancer. Read Dr. Toledo's press release here.

“It really shows that high-quality research that’s valued by the scientific community can be done at a primarily undergraduate institution like St. Edward’s with students that are, in some cases, just starting their training in Chemistry.” - Dr. Toledo

Faculty & Staff

Student Organizations

The Department of Chemistry is home to a very active, award winning student chapter of the American Chemical Society Student Chapter (ACSSC). The ACS student association is involved in an array of community service projects promoting chemistry throughout the Austin area. Chapter members serve as judges for a science fair at a local middle school, host guest speakers from various facets of the chemical community, and participate in events such as the National Chemistry Week and Earth Day.

Student Funding Opportunities

i4 Program Tuition Awards and Paid In-Workplace Internships

As a student in the Chemistry program you are afforded access to the funding programs offered exclusively to STEM students at St. Edward’s University by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (i4).  i4 is currently offering tuition awards of up to $2,000 for specialized training and micro-credentialing consistent with the i4 mission (paid off-campus specialized training opportunities).  Additionally, i4 offers paid, in-workplace internships that enable students access to gain valuable practical experience as they move forward academically and professionally.  For more information on these i4 programs please visit us on the web here.