Campus Ministry seeks to provide programs that nurture and develop the wide array of spiritual backgrounds that encompass the St. Edward’s student body. Leadership positions in the area of faith development include:

Peer Minister for Spiritual Development
• Adoration Coordinator
• Taizé Prayer Team Leaders
• Bible Study Leader

Adoration Host

The weekly hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament allows students the opportunity to reflect and pray in the quiet presence of God.  The Host’s responsibilities include:

• Promoting Adoration through posters and social media
• Lining up a musician/singer to assist in Adoration
• Setting up the altar, exposition and conclusion of Adoration when a priest is not present
• Offering brief prayers during the hour
• Maintaining communication with the peer minister and campus minister for spiritual development

Bible Study Leader

Several groups meet regularly on campus to study and pray with Scripture. Get involved as a leader of an existing bible study. Or if you see a need that is not being met, then consider creating your own! Bible study leaders’ responsibilities include:

• Meeting with the peer minister and campus minister for spiritual development at the beginning and end of each semester and other times as needed
• Selecting a topic, theme or particular book of the Bible for your group to study
• Praying with the chosen Scripture and preparing for group discussion ahead of time (discussion questions/study materials may also be provided by Campus Ministry if you prefer)
• Maintaining a consistent meeting day/time for your group (weekly or bi-weekly)
• Creating an environment where all group members feel comfortable contributing
• Leading prayer and facilitating discussion

No application necessary.

For more information on any of the leadership opportunities mentioned above, contact Josh Stagni.