Faculty Recognition in Research

Current application for the Faculty Research Award.

This award recognizes the efforts of BSS faculty who have engaged in exceptional research initiatives. Faculty who are current members of the BSS Research Award Committee and/or recipients of the award within the past two year are not eligible for consideration. Preference may be given to those applicants who have not yet received this award. Field of discipline will also be a factor during the review process. If application standards have not been met, the committee reserves the right to withhold a decision.  

Student Research Award

The BSS Student Research Award provides recognition and financial support to the research efforts of current BSS students. 

During the selection process, preference will be given to junior and senior standing students. However, multiple awards may be made based upon the applicant pool. Award recipients should submit documentation of paid expenses in order to receive reimbursement for travel, food, lodging, and presentation materials costs.

View more information for the BSS Student Research Award application here.