Welcome to Topper Territory 

Once you’re on the hilltop, you’re in Topper Territory, a land rich in university traditions and Hilltopper pride! Show your school sprit by participating in our university traditions, cheering on our athletes, following our mascot Topper and wearing your St. Edward’s gear.

University Traditions

Our identity, character and optimism are demonstrated in campus rituals and celebrations that reflect the welcoming spirit and generosity that defines our Holy Cross educational experience around the world.

University Ring Ceremony

Hilltoppers’ lifelong connection to each other, the St. Edward’s community and our Holy Cross values is captured in the symbolism of the University Ring. Each year, graduating students honor this distinction at the University Ring ceremony held under the Sorin Oak. Get details on the history, tradition and ordering of your class ring.

Students show their St. Edward's class rings at ring ceremony

17 Favorite Hilltop Traditions

17 Favorite Hilltop Traditions

Being a Hilltopper means being a part of many traditions that connect you to your fellow classmates, faculty and alumni. Here’s a preview of some of our beloved traditions that will shape and guide your St. Edward’s experience.

Hilltopper Athletics

The 18-member Lone Star Conference covers a lot of ground — three states (Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma). Supporting your 11 Hilltopper teams is a great way to see more of the West beyond Austin.

Learn more about Hilltopper Athletics and about Topper. Follow Topper on social media to find out about Topper pride events happening on campus.

Spirit and Pride Programs

Gain a sense of Hilltopper pride and tradition by participating in these spirited activities, organizations and events.

Gift of the Game

Gift of the Game

The St. Edward’s baseball team is made up of 57 players, three coaches and one special star that holds the team together by always reminding his teammates how blessed they are to play the game. Read about how Brandon Gonzales’ optimism and determination inspire and support his comrades.