At St. Edward's University, living well also means eating well.

We've partnered with Bon Appétit, an award-winning food services provider with a track record of using local food and sustainable practices, and Jo's Coffee to provide students with a higher grade of dining choices and service.

Dining Locations and Options

Hunt Hall Café

Ground floor of Edmund Hunt Hall • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Hunt Hall Cafe features Starbucks coffee and a bakery. Grill on the Hill offers grilled entrees, rotisserie meat and poultry items. Bon Appétit serves only naturally raised beef and poultry products, free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones. Other options include a panini press and a rotating selection of specialty and customized sandwiches. The Soup and Salad station features a variety of daily soups made from scratch and fresh-produce salads, mostly from seasonal and regional produce grown by local farmers within a 150-mile radius.

The Huddle

Ground floor of Le Mans Hall • Lunch and dinner

The Huddle serves Tex-Mex fare and offers dine-in, outdoor seating or take-out.

South Congress Market

Ground floor of the Robert and Pearle Ragsdale Center • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

South Congress Market offers global fare, including Bambooz, with its Asian specialties such as sushi, a noodle bar and teriyaki rice bowls. Our grill and entree stations offer all the comfort foods you may be seeking, along with our Italian Market, which features pasta specialties, pizzas, calzones, Italian deli sandwiches and chop salads. Our fresh produce and salad bar abound with farm-fresh, local ingredients. Items from many of our stations are offered in our Express Coolers for those on the run or in need of a quick break.


Ground floor of Edmund Hunt Hall in Hunt Hall Café 

Serves ready-to-go sandwiches, salads, sushi, desserts, fruit and snacks. Essentials like toiletries and laundry supplies are also available.

Meadows Coffeehouse

Ground floor of Ragsdale Center 

Serving full coffeehouse drink selections, fresh pastries, bagels and breads, as well as breakfast tacos and lunch sandwiches.

Doyle Café

Ground floor of Doyle Hall

Serving coffeehouse drinks, fresh pastries, bagels and breads, as well as breakfast tacos and lunch sandwiches.