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  • Dean's List: At least 12 traditional undergraduate credit hours for the semester, in courses numbered 1000 and above, with at least nine of those credits taken for a grade, and at least a 3.50 semester GPA
  • Honorable Mention: At least a 3.25 semester GPA in traditional undergraduate courses, regardless of number of hours taken

The Dean's List distinction is earned for Fall and Spring undergraduate semesters only. Students who have earned the Dean's List distinction can view the notation on their transcript as soon as the semester ends. Students who believe they meet the qualifications for Dean's List but don't see the notation on their transcript may submit a request for their record to be reviewed manually. Honorable Mention is not noted on transcripts. 

Published Lists

The Dean’s List and Honorable Mention list are published for the Fall and Spring semesters only. Fall lists are published mid-March and Spring lists are published mid-July.

Dean's List: Fall 2023 Honorable Mention: Fall 2023
Dean's List: Spring 2023 Honorable Mention: Spring 2023
Dean's List: Fall 2022 Honorable Mention: Fall 2022
Dean's List: Spring 2022 Honorable Mention: Spring 2022
Dean's List: Fall 2021 Honorable Mention: Fall 2021
Dean's List: Spring 2021 Honorable Mention: Spring 2021
Dean's List: Fall 2020 Honorable Mention: Fall 2020
Dean's List: Spring 2020 Honorable Mention: Spring 2020
Dean's List: Fall 2019 Honorable Mention: Fall 2019

 Dean's Lists are available back to Fall 2008.


Students who have earned the Dean's List distinction may request an electronic certificate to keep for their records or print at home. Certificates can be requested as soon as the semester ends and will be distributed to students via email. Certificates are not created for the Honorable Mention list.