Explore the processes which maintain life, as well as the events that disrupt it

The Department of Biological Sciences at St. Edward’s approaches the study of biology from the level of genes, through cells and organ systems, to populations of living organisms.

We offer BS and BA degrees in Biology, with multiple areas of focus depending on a student's desired outcome. These different degree tracks prepare students for entry to medical, dental and other schools in the health professions; graduate programs leading to doctorate or master of science degrees in related disciplines; and for entry into exciting careers such as biotechnology, ecology, neurophysiology and research. Each program allows students to study electives that are specific to their own interests.

Teaching labs throughout the curriculum focus on experimentation and students are given the opportunity to conduct independent scientific investigations. Summer research scholarships are available from faculty research grants, and presentation of findings at scientific meetings is encouraged and facilitated. 


Research is an important option for undergraduates at St. Edward’s University. Many students join a research lab on campus while others participate in research at other institutions. Involvement in one of these research labs allows students the opportunity to work alongside distinguished professionals, be a part of published research and gain real-world experience in a field specific to their interest.

Biology research projects at St. Edward's vary across many different areas of focus, including neuroscience, immunology, cell biology, food microbiology, developmental biology, genetics, evolution, animal behavior and plant evolutionary ecology. These opportunities are made possible by special funding and grants, some of which have even been provided by the federal government.

Specific projects, imploring the use of model organisms, explore:

  • Relationships between nutrition and fecundity 
  • Epignenetic Inheritance
  • Sexual Preference
  • Microbes
  • Bioinformatics 

​On-campus locations for these studies vary — from the state-of-the-art greenhouses at St. Edward’s to our Wild Basin Center for Creative Research. Off-campus opportunities may take place at other universities or in private research labs.

Faculty & Staff

Student Success

Korey Nuchia (Class of 2018) won an award for presenting her research entitled, "Analysis of the Antibacterial Activity of Costa Rican and Gabonese Plant Extracts," at the 2015 UTSA College of Sciences Reseach Conference on October 9, 2015. Dr. Patricia Baynham is Korey's research advisor. Congratulations Korey and Dr. Baynham!