Important resources for faculty and staff

St. Edward’s is home to a vibrant and diverse community of highly talented and dedicated individuals who are key to our success.

Providing easy access to employee resources and information is vital to our community. Below is a list of resources for our faculty and staff members, which covers important topics related to Human Resources and Information Technology. Access to Mapworks is also provided.

If you are a faculty member, check out our more comprehensive list of faculty resources to find support for your specialized needs.

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Employee Resources

Technology and Computer Support

Institutional Effectiveness and Planning Resources 


Faculty and staff play an integral role in student success. Mapworks is a web-based retention tool used to provide a better supported experience for our students. Faculty, staff and students use Mapworks to view academic progress, provide information in the form of surveys and submit referrals to support services. 

Periodically, Mapworks training sessions will be held for users. These trainings are announced in Horizon or available upon request.  Refer to the following usage documents and quick reference guides for immediate assistance:

Log in to Mapworks

For questions on Mapworks, please contact Nicole Trevino at 512-428-1037.