St. Edward’s University is home to a vibrant faculty community comprised of highly talented and dedicated individuals. Our faculty members are teachers, mentor-scholars and researchers who challenge students to grow intellectually and as human beings. 

St. Edward’s offers a rich diversity of programs that provide challenging career opportunities in a wide range of disciplines. Our progressive curriculum equips students to take on their world as conscious citizens and lifelong learners. 

We have compiled helpful information for faculty, including important information related to teaching, scholarship & creative expression, and faculty development resources.

Academic Program Review

St. Edward’s University Guidelines for Academic Program Review


Common acronyms:                                                                                                                                                                                                       Academic Program Review APR
External Review Team ERT
Five Year Plan FYP
Self-Study Team SST
Memorandum of Understanding MOU

Purpose                                                                                                                                                                                                                                St. Edward’s University’s academic program review (APR) provides a systematic and continuous means of assuring academic excellence in student learning. It is designed to encourage accountability and dialogue among members within the department under review as a self-reflective, continuous process within the broader institutional and discipline-based contexts. The process is meant to assist programs in understanding their distinctive and collaborative roles within the University community and with relevant external constituents. It provides the foundation for assessing student learning and for making evidence-based plans and decisions to foster improvements at all levels of the institution. Program reviews are integral to planning, resource allocation, and other decision-making within the university.

Overview of the three-stage process: (1) Department self-study, (2) External Review Team report, followed by department and dean written responses, (3) Construction of a five-year action plan and administrative memorandum of understanding (MOU) based on recommendations and discussion with the VPAA, dean, and department chair or appropriate program director (click here for an overview of the 3-Stage Process).

External Review Team:  Please find the following information for your ERT visit:  ERT Guidelines, sample letter of agreement, sample visit schedule, and ERT evaluation report guidelines.  

Expenses:  Information regarding APR-related expenditures can be found here.

Resources for Teaching & Advising


Technology & Computer Support

  • Office of Instructional Technology  (Resources for everything from CANVAS training & instructional design, to Innovation Fellowships and Technology Learning & Teaching Roundtable (TLTR) grants

Faculty Governance