St. Edward’s University’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) cares for students, faculty and/or staff who may be in distress. The BIT organizes resources and implements a coordinated response with the goal of providing assistance to the individual while mitigating risk in an effort to keep the university community healthy and safe.

When to Make a Report

Do you know someone who is:

  • Experiencing a decline in work or academic performance?
  • Demonstrating disruptive or disturbing behavior?
  • Showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior or weight?
  • Having problems at home, with classes or work?
  • Making disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings or papers?
  • Sad, anxious or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • Isolating themselves socially?
  • Acting paranoid or suspicious?
  • Frequently angry or easily frustrated?
  • Struggling with health problems?

These behaviors, especially when more than one are present, may be signs that a student, faculty member or staff member is in distress. There are many resources available at St. Edward’s University to help. For more information, consult the Dean of Students Office at 512-448-8408 for student concerns. Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 512-448-8540 for concerns regarding staff and faculty. If this is an emergency and requires immediate attention, please contact the University Police Department at 512-448-8444.

Red Folder Campaign

St. Edward’s University launched the Red Folder Campaign to serve as a reference guide and tool to help faculty and staff support students in distress. Distribution of the folders is often accompanied by a brief training from a team of staff members who consult on student welfare. Contact the Dean of Students Office to schedule training and/or receive hard copies of the Red Folder publication.  You can also download the Red Folder Publication here.

Your confidential report to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) can make a difference.

Make a Report

To report information regarding a student at St. Edward’s University, complete the Student Concern/Conduct Reporting form.

To make a report about a faculty or staff member, complete the Title IX/Behavioral Concern Reporting Form.

When making a report, it’s important to provide as much information as possible so the BIT can properly respond and intervene. Please include the following:

  • The student, faculty or staff member’s name and SEU ID number (if known).
  • Brief factual description of the incident or behavior.
  • Direct quotes whenever possible.
  • Where and when the incident or behavior occurred.
  • Names and contact information of witnesses.
  • Your name, position and complete contact information.
  • All emails or other information you have*.

*Be sure to always save voice recordings, text messages and/or emails so you can pass along to the BIT.