St. Edward’s University’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) cares for students, faculty and/or staff who may be in distress. The BIT organizes resources and implements a coordinated response with the goal of providing assistance to the individual while mitigating risk in an effort to keep the university community healthy and safe. The BIT is made up of both a Threat Assessment Team and a Students of Concern Committee.

When to Make a Report

Do you know someone who is:

  • Experiencing a decline in work or academic performance?
  • Demonstrating disruptive or disturbing behavior?
  • Showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior or weight?
  • Having problems at home, with classes or work?
  • Making disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings or papers?
  • Sad, anxious or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • Isolating themselves socially?
  • Acting paranoid or suspicious?
  • Frequently angry or easily frustrated?
  • Struggling with health problems?

These behaviors, especially when more than one are present, may be signs that a student, faculty member or staff member is in distress. There are many resources available at St. Edward’s University to help. For more information, consult the Dean of Students Office at 512-448-8408 for student concerns. Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 512-448-8540 for concerns regarding staff and faculty. If this is an emergency and requires immediate attention, please contact the University Police Department at 512-448-8444.

Red Folder Campaign

St. Edward’s University launched the Red Folder Campaign to serve as a reference guide and tool to help faculty and staff support students in distress. Distribution of the folders is often accompanied by a brief training from a team of staff members who consult on student welfare. Contact the Dean of Students Office to schedule training and/or receive hard copies of the Red Folder publication.  You can also download your copy here

Your confidential report to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) can make a difference.

Make a Report

Behavioral Intervention Team Members

lisak [at] (Lisa L. Kirkpatrick, PhD) (Chair) 
Vice President of Student Affairs

stevep [at] (Steven Pinkenburg)
Dean of Students

aliciav [at] (E)ellishai [at] (llisha Isom)
Director of Residential Education

vavinape [at] (Vanessa Pena, PhD)
Director of the Health & Counseling Center

homerh [at] (Homer Huerta)
Commander of the University Police Department

connierr [at] (Connie Rey Rodriguez)
Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Welfare

kendalls [at] (Kendall Swanson)
Director of Student Disability Services

nicoleg [at] (Nicole Guerrero Trevino)
Associate Vice President for Student Success

marya [at] (Mary Culkin )
Director of Academic Success 

jbeck [at] (Jennifer Beck) 
Sr. Dir Student Financial Aid 

jhershbe [at] (Michael Hershberger)
Staff Psychologist/Group Coord 

nking [at] (Natalie King)
Welfare Coordinator