Your access to one-on-one support begins on day one.

One of the most valuable connections you’ll make at St. Edward’s is with your success coach. It’s a relationship that begins during Orientation as a new student and continues throughout your time on the hilltop.

Your success coach within Academic Counseling & Exploration is your go-to person for advising, guidance and support as you navigate your college journey. They’ll connect you with our world-class faculty and transformative learning opportunities. And they’ll collaborate with you to create a personalized roadmap — one that helps you gain the most from your St. Edward’s experience and achieve a full and rewarding future.

What Students Say About Their Success Coaches

These students told us how their success coaches made a big difference as they learned the ropes of college life in their first semester. See what they shared.

Here’s what you can count on in working with your success coach:

Dedicated Support from Start to Finish: You’ll have a success coach from the day you become a Hilltopper to graduation. Your coach will get to know you and learn about your passions and interests. They’ll guide and help you to identify unique ways you accomplish your goals. And they’ll tap into those insights to provide you with recommendations and resources tailored to making the most of your talents. Find out what to expect in your first meeting with your success coach.

A Team to Navigate Academics: Your success coach collaborates with your academic school and faculty to give specialized guidance based on your major or minor, or both. In addition, upperclassmen are assigned a faculty advisor who focuses in your area of study. Each semester, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one to discuss your class selection and degree plan. Your coach will make sure you’re on track to fulfill your degree requirements.

Help Choosing Your Major and Minor: Undecided about the best program for you? Your success coach can connect you with faculty and staff in several areas that you’re considering to explore different career fields, understand opportunities and make decisions based on your strengths, passions and goals. Working together, your success team will help you determine the path that’s right for you.

Your Personal Roadmap for College: St. Edward’s opens doors to a wealth of opportunities for new and life-changing experiences — both in and beyond the classroom. How do you decide which opportunities to take advantage of? Both your success coach and faculty advisor will guide you through the possibilities. They’ll team up with you to create a customized roadmap that brings everything together for a college experience that’s meaningful to you. Along with your classes, you’ll discuss these options and more for your roadmap:

  • Internships
  • Study Abroad
  • Research
  • Service Programs
  • Leadership Activities
  • Campus Involvement
  • Fellowships
  • Career Services

A Plan that Grows with You: As your interests and ambitions evolve during your time at St. Edward’s, so will your roadmap. It’s a flexible plan that you and your success team will review each semester. Along the way, your success team will help you fine-tune academic and co-curricular choices that prepare you to pursue the career and life you’re aiming for.

Guidance Every Step of the Way: Your success coach within Academic Counseling & Exploration will check-in and meet with you regularly during your first year as you settle into college. After that, you’ll continue to meet, receive academic support and develop your personal roadmap. You can also consult your coach at any time with questions, concerns, accomplishments and challenges. They may also reach out to you to offer help if you need it. They collaborate with faculty to provide support services if you’re struggling in class. They’re always glad to hear from you and assist with anything you need. 

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Meet Your Success Coach

Our success coaches are committed to helping every student benefit from all St. Edward’s offers. They’ll get to know you, guide and encourage you, celebrate your triumphs, and be a sounding board for your questions and concerns. 

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Advising and Academic Counseling & Exploration

Your success coach will partner with you to choose your major, select your classes,  and create an academic plan that makes sure you meet your degree requirements for graduation. 

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International Student Support

International students often require additional academic support and mentoring while studying in a foreign environment. St. Edward’s offers multiple programs and services to help you succeed.