Student success is at the heart of everything we do at St. Edward’s.  

Before your freshman year begins, you’ll be paired with a success coach, who will collaborate with you throughout your college experience. Success coaches help you figure out what classes to take and when, what student organizations to join, what leadership roles would be a good fit, and how to land internships. They get to know you, so their recommendations and advice are tailored to getting you where you want to go post-graduation.  

But success coaches do a lot more, too. These students shared with us how their success coaches made a big difference as they navigated their first semester.

Success coaches build your confidence.

“I have met with my success coach a number of times, and each time I do, I feel more confident about my place here at St. Edward’s. Being able to meet with someone who is doing their best to help you figure out this whole college experience is a great thing to have. It gives students an understanding of the university that they call home and provides them with guidance.” 

Isabel Herrera ’23, Global Studies major

They help you manage your time.

“Having one-on-one meetings with my success coach has helped me integrate into the community and have more free time to be with friends. Not only does my success coach help me succeed academically, but he also encourages me to get involved in clubs, events, and build my network with professors.”

Cristobal Diaz ’23, Business Administration major

Success Coaches

Success coaches make college less stressful.

“Working directly with a success coach has been crucial in planning my academic journey at St. Edward's. I’ve been able to better plan out my classes, learn about academic options that work best for me, and learn more about St. Edwards and the opportunities it provides, like volunteer work, study abroad, on-campus jobs, and events relevant to my career and academic plans. College is a new experience filled with challenges, and working directly with a success coach makes navigating college less stressful.”  

Nyla Pete ’23, Environmental Science and Policy major

Success Coach talks to student

They care about you.

“One benefit of working with a success coach is that you always have someone to count on, whether it be for personal or academic advice.”  

Kimberly Mireles ’23, Business Administration major

Success coaches make sure you have everything you need.

“The last time I met with my success coach, he answered my questions about when registration opens for me and how many credit hours I needed to be considered a full-time student. He also provided critical information, like the PIN number I would need to register with and how my GPA is calculated.”  

Marilyn Taylor ’23, Communication major

They support you.

“Success coaches are like Google, but better. No search engines can compare to them, though, because they can solve your problems with personalized options. Success coaches are here to help you strive for what you hope to achieve while at St. Edward’s and ultimately are one of your biggest supporters.”  

Jazmine Collins ’23, Biology major

Success coaches can make you go further.

“Working with my transfer success coach really helped me with my transition into St. Edward’s. I felt secure and safe knowing that I could go to her for anything. Not only does she give me outstanding advice for my academics, but she genuinely cares about my feelings and what is good for me. All of this has really helped me achieve more goals that I could ever imagined, in just half of my first semester here!”  

Briana Leigh Carbajal ’21, Communication major and transfer student