Bring creativity and business savvy to the world of music, film, and gaming

Digital Media Management majors examine the fast-paced and rapidly evolving convergence of digital media in both traditional and entertainment environments.

You will learn about digital media management in all its forms, including music, television, movies, and games. Explore the business world’s adoption of digital media and study core business areas, such as accounting, marketing, economics and management. In addition, you'll study the importance of digital law, digital marketing, project management, social networking and new interactive technologies.

Digital media is a dynamic and rapidly expanding industry:

  • A central trend in the information sector is the merging of media, communication, computers and the entertainment industry
  • The information sector, including media, computer systems, telecommunications, research and development, and advertising, accounts for more than one-third of U.S. GDP
  • Almost half of all new capital investment in the U.S. is devoted to IT
  • Currently the most dynamic digital media business growth in Texas is found in Austin’s gaming industry
  • The cluster of digital media companies in Austin includes some of the industry’s most prominent studios


The BBA in Digital Media Management major is designed to create a new type of manager who can navigate and collaborate across fields of expertise, including digital arts, technology and business.

A BBA in Digital Media Management prepares graduates to work in many areas including entertainment, social media, digital marketing and the web. For example, you could become a social media manager for a band or record label, an analyst for Facebook™, a business developer for Bazaarvoice™ or a web marketing analyst for a more traditional company.

To deepen their knowledge and increase employment opportunities, many graduates pursue a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Outside the Classroom

You’ll expand your professional network by interacting with digital business leaders from the field —many of whom serve as guest speakers. In addition, our location in Austin, Texas, puts you at the heart of one of the biggest multimedia events in the country, South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals (SXSW).

Meet the Faculty

Our distinguished faculty members are scholar-practitioners with years of industry experience and strong creative passion. They work side-by-side with industry professionals on digital media projects that provide real-world expertise for enriching student's classroom learning.

“On a professional level, I teach because we are living through a once-in-a-generation revolution in communication, commerce and the arts that is still in its infancy and will absolutely change the world as we know it. There will never be a better opportunity to learn, teach and share such an experience with such a passionate student body.”
— Russell Rains, JD, Associate Professor of Digital Media Management

“Faculty and staff of The Bill Munday School of Business are some of the most helpful and well-connected members of the St. Ed’s community. Teachers want to assure their students succeed.” 
— Nathalie Phan '16, Digital Media Management