Become the best version of yourself at St. Edward’s.

(But first, you’ll want to make sure you meet the deadlines.)

Early Application Deadline Dec. 15                  We’ll waive the $50 fee if you apply by this date.
Priority Application Deadline Feb. 1       You’ll be considered for all applicable scholarships and the best financial aid package.
Final Application Deadline May 1 To confirm your place in the freshman class, be sure to apply by this date (but we encourage you to submit your application well before).

Want to start in the spring semester? Apply by Nov. 15 to start classes in January.

What You’ll Need, Plus Some Insider Tips

Online Application Use our application, the Common Application, or ApplyTexas.
$50 Application Fee Apply by Dec. 15, and we'll waive this fee.
High-school Transcripts If you’ve done dual credit work, college transcripts are optional.
SAT or ACT Scores The St. Edward’s SAT code is 6619, and the ACT code is 4156. Also, U.S. citizens enrolled in a foreign high school their junior and senior year are exempt from this requirement.
Essay Admission counselors can read up to 40 essays per day so think about how to make your essay as distinctive as you are. This is your opportunity to let our college admission officers get to know you.
Academic Recommendation Form If there’s any part of your application you want to get a jump on, this is it. You’ll be asking respected (and busy) teachers to write this letter for you.
Copy of Permanent Resident Card If applicable


Does it matter if I took the old SAT or the new SAT?

It does not matter if you took the SAT before or after it was redesigned in March 2016. St. Edward’s accepts scores for the old and new test. Although the combined scores add up slightly differently between the old and the new test, the College Board has created a score converter that allows us to match new SAT scores to old ones. Furthermore, the differences in combined scores reflect the changes to the new test and the way it is scored, not the difficulty of the test.

Does St. Edward’s require the new SAT essay?

The redesigned SAT includes and optional essay portion, and St. Edward’s University does not require it for our applicants. However, if a student took the essay on the new SAT and would like to provide a score, he or she is welcome to do so. Please keep in mind that a submitted essay score will not impact our admission decision or consideration for scholarships.

How will super scoring work?

St. Edward’s does superscore the SAT. However, given the SAT redesign this year, we can only superscore tests taken prior to March 2016 with other tests taken prior to March 2016, and tests taken March 2016 or later will only be superscored with other tests taken March 2016 or later. We do not superscore the ACT.

What happens if I submit new test scores after already being accepted to St. Edward’s University?

If you retest your senior year of high school (either the SAT or ACT) after having already been admitted to St. Edward’s, and receive a higher score, you may submit that new score to the University for academic scholarship award re-evaluation. However, students and families should keep in mind that an increase in a scholarship award does not necessarily mean an increase in the total financial aid package. If you are reevaluated for academic scholarships, your entire financial aid package may also be adjusted.

What are the scholarship award policies for St. Edward’s?

Get details on scholarships and award policies, including annual eligibility renewal requirements, maximum years of eligibility, maximum total combined amounts of aid and merit adjustments.