Payment Options

In addition to grants and scholarships along with student and parent education loans, other financing options are also available. These include:

Monthly Payment Plan

Students may take advantage of the payment plan option to pay their charges over the course of a semester. The university does not charge interest for the deferred portion of the payment plan, although it does charge a nominal participation fee each semester.

Payment plans extend through the duration of the semester, and payment dates can be either the first or the middle of each month. This allows for up to four payments in the fall semester, up to five payments in the spring semester, and up to three payments in the summer semester.

Authorized parent or guest users can sign up for this payment option in myHilltop through the Billing Center: Parent & Guest Login task. Students can sign up for this option through the View/Pay My Bill - Student Access task.

Third-Party Billing

At a student's request, St. Edward's will bill employers or other entities (such as ROTC or trust funds) which pay for all or part of a student's tuition cost (this does not include family members who pay tuition costs on behalf of a student). Students who take advantage of this plan must submit documentation of their Third-Party's intent to pay before the start of each semester.

529 Plans

Please visit our 529 Payments Center for information on making tuition payments with your 529.


Pay Your Bill - Student

Pay Your Bill - Parent/Guest