2019-2020 General Education Assessment: Critical Thinking and Intercultural Knowledge

All faculty teaching a course that addresses a GE critical thinking or intercultural knowledge outcome are invited to participate in this year's general education assessment process.  Specifically, this includes all faculty who teach courses that satisfy the Freshman Seminar, Writing and Rhetoric 1, Oral Communication, Studies in Theology and Religion, Exploring Artistic Works, Natural Sciences, Diverse American Perspectives, Global Perspectives, or Modern Languages GE requirements or that satisfy the Social Identities mission marker. 

On March 5 and 6 faculty will meet from 2-5 pm in Carter Auditorium (we will later break out to JBWS rooms 261 and 267).  The events are repeat sessions--faculty can choose one of the two dates.  Each session will provide an overview of the general education assessment process, a discussion of the specific GE rubric to be utilized, and a training/norming session.  Faculty may then choose to stay and begin assessing their artifacts or depart and begin work on their own.  Faculty should score and return their assigned artifacts (about 20) by March 27.  

Stipends of $200 will be paid to participating adjunct faculty. Delightful snacks will be provided for all!

Core General Education Outcomes

In the fall of 2018, using input from a survey of St. Edward's University faculty and a review of the general education requirement learning outcomes, the General Education Implementation Committee identified the following programmatic outcomes for our core curriculum:

  • ​Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility
  • Communication (Oral, Written, and Visual)
  • Critical Thinking
  • Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
  • Problem Solving & Innovative Thinking 
  • Ethical Reasoning

SEU defined the first five of these outcomes for our campus during the General Education Learning Outcomes discussion sessions on March 8, 2019. During these sessions and in work sessions that followed, faculty developed campus definitions and rubrics for each of these general education learning outcomes.

Additional information related to these sessions the General Learning Outcomes can be found in Box.

 General Education Requirement Student Learning Outcomes

Curriculum Committee and Academic Council have approved the student learning outcomes (SLOs) each of the general education curriculum requirements.

Please click on the file below for SLOs for each general education requirement.